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Thursday, April 28, 2005

..:: Kellog ::.. 4.0!!!

That's it, folks! An end of another era!

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Archived posts may have broken links to pictures, due to blogger's Hello! not allowing external links. After 3 weeks of hard work moving the whole blog over, I'm too lazy to move the pix too, only the most recent ones.
2 ways around broken picture links: (1) click on the picture link, click on the url and (not just refresh page), and the picture will show; (2) go look for the post on this kellog.blogspot.com site. This should stay up just for memories.

Am still tweaking around with the new site, but wanted to launch the Big Move to the new site before leaving for Ho Chi Minh tomorrow. Be back Monday. In the meantime, do forgive any construction work and changes going on at the new site, and do drop comments at the new site to let me know what you think. Constructive criticism very welcomed! Have you remembered to change your bookmarks/links yet? At the new site, www.kelchan.com

Oh and remember, getfirefox!

And not to forget, MAJOR kudos to my darling brother who not only let me use his webspace (the kelchan.com domain is just a facade. it's really kewinn.com), but also had to deal with all my nonsense. heh heh.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, ..:: kellykelly ::..
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Woe Upon AI!

Constantine, the one person I tune into American Idol for, is OUT! Woe! Woe!


How is it possible that the very very annoying Anthony Fedorov and the constantly out-of-tune Scott Savol is still in? Americans, you are dumber than I thought! Woe! Woe!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Buddies @ km8

My suggestion to bring all my buddies to km8 turned out to be great. There were far less model/dumb ass types compared to the last time. No doubt, there still were plenty, but this time, I had a great buffer of pals to hang out with and enjoy what is really a great location. The weather held up, sunny at first, cloudy and cool later, and we just spent the entire day having beautiful do-nothing moments.

hugs with my man!

Part of the gang that showed up. With my and KrazyKaren's combined bday beach Sunday, we had a good 20 people turn up to hang out. Erik, Olive's boyfriend, with curls to beat Pat's, is the last of the BOOBS (Boyfriends Of Overseas Bonded Scholars) I have met (although he was the first to move here). Sweethearts, truly, all them BOOBS. We lucked out.

I look like a bloody midget compared to the statuesque KrazyKaren...oh, to never have to wear heels again!

My cheapie 4 bucks slippers from Thailand.

Flicking Ringham after he smacked me arse.

Love Han's Tshirt

Love Eugene's tattoos

Eugene turned out to be a bloody awesome poi spinner as well! It's something I've always wanted to learn. Too bad he didn't bring kerosene that night. Would love to watch him spin fire. Wethinks he should get paid to spin, maybe not fire, but glowsticks, in the clubs.

By sunset, the sky was dreamy and lovely. I thought this picture captured well the glorious, beautiful, crazy, joyous weekend I had. 'Twas a weekend to beat!

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The Night My Parents Went to Zouk

Zouk's 14th Anniversary will henceforth be known as The Night My Parents Went To Zouk. They have never been to Zouk before, and I've been dying to take them out. On Saturday night, Pat and I took my parents to Zouk's 14th Anniversary, oh yes we did!!!

My parents met on the dancefloor too (well, I think they knew of each other in school but "fell in love" at one of their groovy 70s house parties, where my mom wore them mini-skirts that would put mine to shame). After battling with leaving crowds after their jungle show at the bottleneck upstairs, they weren't too happy with the "fire hazard". But they definitely loosened up once they got onto the half-empty dancefloor! I always knew my mom loved to dance, but I was surprised that my papa started grooving first, then getting mummy to dance!

Papa and Mummy seem to be enjoying themselves!

Pat warmed them up a little...

I was thoroughly amused and proud, repeatedly introducing my parents to my Zouk buddies on the dancefloor, all of whom were astonished they were there, then proclaiming "your parents are so cool!"

So cheers to the coolest parents on the planet!!! Tee hee!
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Scratched by Perverts

After the birthday celebrations, I refused to fall asleep on my birthday night, so we trotted down to Zouk to catch Scratch Perverts and Phil Asher. Now, I thought I'd spend far more time at Velvet for Jazz in the House with Phil Asher, but lo-and-behold, it was the bad-ass Hip Hop/Jungle/Drum-n-Bass from Scratch Perverts that held me to the dancefloor, the best dancing night I've had at Zouk for some time. I don't think I have ever jumped around so hard to hip hop/jungle/D&B ever. It helped that Michelle was, for the first time I've gone out with her (since we are supposed to have different music tastes, but not as different as we think, I think), wildly shakin' dat ass, and repeatedly going up to also groovin' Alec and Russ yelling "I AM SO HAPPY!!!", and Jacob was trashing wildly about to the beat. I love being infected by other people's joy to the groove,a nd those folks were the best infectious dancers to bounce around with. Scratch Perverts was undoubtedly awesome. Once again, I've hardly liked hip-hop/jungle (D&B I've liked), but they changed my mind. I popped by to Velvet for a couple of minutes, just to check it out, but got real bored in 2 minutes and jumped right back to the Perverts, lest I missed any minute of it. Gasp! Would you believe the night that kellykelly gives up House for HipHop?!?! Miracles do happen.

They ended rather early though, slightly before 4am I think. I still refused to go to bed yet, so I rounded up the group for some post-party birthday cake (that was left untouched since we were too stuffed then). So Mich and I, the true SPGs we are (Asian Pussy! Asian Pussy! *pumps fist in air*), ushered the American, and the 4 Brits up to my pad for an after-party.

No lah! No wild orgys with 2 petite Asians and 5 ang mohs to blog about (you wish!;p... i wish! >;p ...i kid, i kid). What churned out was 2 fab hours with great folks and absolutely great-in-da-tummy birthday cake. Wild trashing on the dancefloor does wonders for the appetite. There were some Back to Mine chilling grooves, and Ya gotta be there! moments like when Ian awoke from his stupor to show us his Turtle and Shit In My Pants dance moves that cannot be described. It's the kind of party and after-party that just happens with the random right combination of folks whose company you are thankful for. That perfectly rounded up a perfectly joyful birthday, albeit at 6am on the 23rd of April (but it was still my birthday in US time!).

Positive thought of the day: I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

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kellykelly's Birthday!

Oh! Happy Day! My parents took me and Pat out to Raffles Hotel's billard room for a yummilicious buffet dinner. Although the great sashimi, raw oysters mixed with cheese, crackers, rich desserts and numerous espresso shots did not do our tummies to good. But it was yummilicious anyway.

We went home for a ceremonious birthday song and cutting of cake, since we were too stuffed to eat any more. My yummy mango birthday cake and the huge present sent to me from Pat's mom in Florida (not the cake, just the huge present)!

This is the card my mummy bought for me. My mom has a knack for picking the best birthday cards. She was wondering why the card said "dance around your handbag". My guess is that girls who carry around their handbags at clubs (god knows why, I refused to bring anything out while dancing) have to dance around it to look out for it.

A very apt card, in fact. Indeedy, I got a fabulous handbag from my collegues at work that morning!! I've never been a handbag person, the last one I had was a 20 buck one from the streets of New York that I've been using since my first day of work. I guess they took pity on my lack of variety. But that bag suited the dress I wore to work that day! I hardly love handbags, but I fell in love with this one. It's got a compartment for my cell and my ipod, and, and, get this...it fits my Economist perfectly! Whoohoo!!

And the next day, my cute Mummy promptly took any picture of handbags from the newspapers. hahaha!

She's a riot.

Unseen here is the lovely necklace she got me and the Raffles card my papa bought. My parents were never the spoil-your-kids sort, as in buy this buy that buy everything do anything we want kinda parents. In fact, we were brought up reeeaal traditionally asian-strict. But they certainly are making up for lost spoiling time! =D
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Mummy's Birthday

Overdue pictures.

Since Mummy's birthday is on the 21st and mine's on the 22nd, it's always a celebratory mood in the Chan household around this time. We went to a great Teochew restaurant along Old Havelock Road called Liang Kee.

Mummy pretends to blow out the unlit candle on her birthday cake to shy away from the attention of a birthday song. We insisted on singing it anyway, albeit very very out of tune.

This is the bunch of flowers my brother and I gave here, displayed proudly at home.

Our gift to her, a collage made on picasa (they make it real easy to do collages), proudly displayed at home as well. I gotta say, we have a very very homey home with all the pictures put up.

Here's the collage in clearer view. My mumy has classic expressions caught nicely on camera. The "Mummy/Mommy" is how she signs off her emails to her children, because she says my brother pronounces it as "Mummy", while I pronounce it as "Mommy". Go figure! ...and yes, that is a picture of her doggie Brenddi included. She is the apple of her eye (aside from me and kor kor of cos!) after all!
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Friday, April 22, 2005

April 22nd

In commemoration of Earth Day, my birthday, an article from The Economist:

“Mandate, regulate, litigate.” That has been the green mantra. And it explains the world's top-down, command-and-control approach to environmental policymaking. Slowly, this is changing. Yesterday's failed hopes, today's heavy costs and tomorrow's demanding ambitions have been driving public policy quietly towards market-based approaches.

I gotta say though, this article is a tad bit too optimistic to be true. But the hippie capitalist in me sure hopes it'd work out:
Whether the big environmental groups join or not, the next green revolution is already under way. Rachel Carson, the crusading journalist who inspired greens in the 1950s and 60s, is joining hands with Adam Smith, the hero of free-marketeers. The world may yet leapfrog from the dark ages of clumsy, costly, command-and-control regulations to an enlightened age of informed, innovative, incentive-based greenery.
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Miyagi-ed and Rio-ed

I got a flood of hits from Mr Miyagi after he put my picture up on his for some odd long arm (I didn't even notice) fetish reason. His is a popular site, so I'm not surprised by the traffic.

But to get just as many hits from car forums because of this picture of the law-breaking Rio (I didn't even know what make/model it was!)? Now that's a surprise.
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Birthday Girls

Happy Birthday to Mummy (21st) and Me (22nd),
Happy Birthday to Mummy and Me,
Happy Birthday to Mummy and Me,
Happy Birthday to Mummy and Meeeee!!!

I love birthdays! =D
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Killer Litter

About 9pm:
Pat: So the craziest thing happened. We lost one of our bamboo sticks.
Me: Har? Cos of the painters*?
Pat: I dunno. It just snapped. I found the stub hanging outside. Oh and our mop is gone too.
Me: That can't be safe. *shrug* oh well. We'll get another one. The auntie store downstairs sells it for 4 bucks.

* they are painting our block right now. So we get workers hanging precariously outside yelling at us to pull in our clothes/mops/bamboo sticks which they take the liberty of yanking out and throwing them through your window at times.

About 11pm:
Me: Honey, where is our duvet cover*?
Pat: -pause- um. I dunno. Where did you put it?
Me: I dunno. You did the laundry two days ago. Where did you put it?
Pat: -pause-
Me: -pause-
Pat: -pause-
Me: -pause- (thought bubble: recalling story of Pat telling me when it rained 2 afternoons ago, "shit, I left the sheets out")
Pat: -pause- (thought bubble: unknown)
Me: -pause-
Pat: FUCK!**

* We have 2 bedsheets but only one duvet cover, so while waiting for it to dry, we occasionally have a night of duvet coverlessness.
** Unlike the 4 dollar mop, our duvet cover is an awesome one that bloody cost us a bomb. Either the painters must have tried to remove it but dropped/snapped it instead, or the bamboo must have snapped after the heavy sheet got heavier when it got rained upon yesterday. My bet is on the latter.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Kelly in Wonderland

Patrick's uncle who will be visiting us in June forwarded us this article about Putrajaya in Malaysia, which appears to be a surreal mini-Singapore/mini-American suburbia. I can't think of a scarier place.

I replied:

"Thank you, Uncle Dan. Enjoyed this article very much. The parallels to Singapore and American sub-urbia are very interesting. I thought it was hilarious how if you didn't mow your lawn, they'd mow it for you then bill you for it. Kinda like Communist China back in the day where they executed your son for not clapping hard enough at Mao Zedong's speech or something (I'm making this up) then bill you for the bullets they shot him with.

I like this quote:
"When you manufacture a city, you're not going to get that organic feel to it, you're not going to get that vibrancy."
How true. There's a big debate in Singapore right now about building a casino. The decision was announced yesterday...Singapore is going to get TWO casinos being built here by 2009...although the government has put a spin to it by calling it "Integrated Resorts" or "IR", which will be the Acronym of the Decade in Singapore, I bet. We Singaporeans like to Acronymize -everything- (Read the spin here: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/casino ) There were a lot of religious (mostly) groups against having a casino in Singapore because they thought it will deprave society (I personally don't like 'moral' arguments because they are almost always tinged with hypocrisy). The government is saying that Singapore needs it for the economy. And they keep talking about wanting to make Singapore a "vibrant city" with "the x-factor" (like NYC or London). Which is silly because when a country's Censorship Board still bans films (with sex or (local) politics) in the International Film Festival here, you'd NEVER even come close to the "great cities" you aspire to be. And I don't know how a manufactured Vegas wannabe will make for a "vibrant" city in any sense of the word.

To prevent Singaporeans from problem gambling, we'll have to pay $100 entry fee per day to enter casinos, but foreigners need not. So let me excuse myself in advance should you visit Singapore in 2009 (god knows where I'll be at that time though), because you will go in for free, but not me because I am a citizen here. Bizarre but true.

Not that I'm against casinos or Integrated Resorts, oops I mean IRs, though. I'm looking forward to seeing how this will all churn out for li'll Singapore, my beloved country (I'm not being sacarstic here. I do love my country for all its dysfunction and neurosis, even though that love is mired, increasingly so, with frustration. I'm not yet angry per se, I would say I'm more flabbergastedly bemused most of the time as I observe my own home). In the meantime, I'm sure I'd benefit in some indirect way as the Economy (with the capital E) benefits through the Multiplier Effect, for example, when the bank I work for gets some $$$ from financing construction and charges ridiculou$ intere$t rate$ for future debt-ridden gamblers! Can you say cash-cow? Whoohoo!

Apologies for that long email. The article just got me thinking and writing.

Look forward to having you here! Would love to hear your views and observations about my country."
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Cat Nipped

This weekend was supposed to be a non-clubbing one, with us planning to go rock-climbing on Saturday and staying over at my parents' and being a good boy and girl on Sat night. But we bumped into people at the kopitiam downstairs, and couldn't resist having some people over and eventually popping by Zouk just to check it out without the idea of staying too long. It turned out to be a funny night out though, where we met 3 random boys that I initially thought wanted to pick a fight with Patrick, but ended up with one of the funniest conversations outside Zouk. One of them called Pat Einstein, the other called him Bob Marley. One of the boys had awesome punky blue hair and blue eye-liner to match. Very Bowie-slash-punkrock. I like.

I have confirmed that the cigarette smoke at clubs is the likely cause, or at least a strong aggravator, of my chronic cough, because after many days of coughing badly, I finally felt I was somewhat recovered. But just 10 mins in the club and I was wheezing away like a season smoker. Damn you all, damn you all to hell.

I digress from the intention of this post. So we finally get back to the house at about 2am. I showered and blissfully got to bed first. But Pat woke me up from my beautiful sleep, asking if I had seen the cat.

Fuck. So I got up and he's already opened all the cupboards and searched all his favorite hiding places. Still no cat. Bloody hell. As much as I hate detest am not a fan of that cat, it'd kill me to see Patrick without his fat bastard. So I got Pat to leave the house for a cat search. He automatically went downstairs to look, my first guess too, because that fatty would never bring his fat ass up the stairs.

But since Pat was already going downstairs, I went upstairs just in case. 2 floors up, and still no cat. I was debating whether to go up one more, thinking that the fat ass would never make it up that far. But I went anyway, and voila! Sitting outside the door where our flat would be, only on the wrong floor, is the Fat Bastard. I hissed "GRACIELA!" (his actual name) and ok, it was one of the very very very rare moments that I actually felt for that guy. He probably snuck out when we had people over, went downstairs to look for food or something, decided to head back and forgot which floor he was at, so he ended up on the 9th floor, sitting outside the door he thought was us, wondering where the hell we were for 2 hours. That kinda impressed me because it meant that he actually knew where the flat was, and not just going by smell or something. He just couldn't read what floor he was at.

He really was quite happy to see me, and I of him for the first time ever, only because I knew Pat would be so happy. So I carried his lard-ass back down to our flat, and went down to get Pat. Oh, his face when he thought his cat was gone was just heart-wrenching. "I found your cat!" was such a lovely thing to say at that point.

*rubbing hands with glee*...ohhh, kellykelly has definitely chalked up some solid brownie points!!
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City of God

We watched City of God last night. Simply an astounding movie. Makes the kids in Kids look like Singaporean kids. Ok that was disrespectful. Sorry.

But City of God...damn! Top-notch. Go watch it. Oh wait, our censorship board would have banned it. Because it has stuff like nudity, sex, violence and *gasp* drugs. It makes me soooo sad that I'd have missed out on great shows like that if I actually obeyed Nanny Censorship.

"Singapore Censorship Board Promotes Piracy!"

Will I get into trouble for this proclamation? Because really, the only way to get to watch great shows like that is to get the pirated DVDs!
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Sunday @ KM8

On Sunday, day after our hike and raving till 5am the night before, we got up and decided to head down to KM8 @ Sentosa.

KM8 review in short: I hated the crowd, I loved the place. It's got what I loved, good music, sun, sand, sea (despite the fact you look out and there are beautiful...tankers out there). Again, good music. The crowd was just unfortunate. Sad, because in SF, we would party outdoors all the time with cool-ass people. Here, the only place I like with chill music outdoors on a Sunday afternoon is filled with dorks.

Dominique, Pat and I headed down right after a chicken rice lunch at the Haborfront hawker center. Better $2 chicken rice than overpriced $12 burgers. The only shot I got of all 3 of us that day has Dom's face half covered...boo...

But here's a lovely full face shot of her...before drinking....

...a couple of hours later, here's us in the same position, with a little more alcohol, turning asian red...kellykelly's not too happy because kellykelly doesn't drink, and when she does, it gets to her too easily.

So why did kellykelly drink then? I blame well-made drinks...the definition of which, to me, means that there is alcohol, but so well made (usually these drinks have fruits in them) that you cannot taste the alcohol, and hence, that's why they are dangerous. I started off only with water, and took some of Dominique's watermelon freeze thing that was yummy, which she thought she got ripped off with cos she couldn't taste the alcohol. I couldn't either, but my body buzz later told me it did.

Pat holds up a 330ml Corona bottle in disbelief, thinking that he got really got ripped off because he has never held such a small Corona bottle...

...we ordered a "Sarong Fly", a really nice lime drink so well made that I couldn't taste the alcohol, therefore having a little too much off. It wasn't too bad, I was just giggly and talkative, which is fine on a balmy Sunday afternoon. I just didn't like the sleepiness that beset upon me, interrupted by too frequent visits to the loo. I told ya, I'm very lightweight.

And that's Sarong, of Sarong Fly, and from Wicked Aura, who I think is a manager there too, who Patrick met the night before at Zouk, and who hooked us up with a great spot right next to the pool (great view of dorks), in the shade (very important). We were denied those seats initially before Sarong showed up because they were marked Reserved...typical dork place scams. Oh well.

Story about this guy is that he spent a good 15mins standing at this spot by the pool literally posing, like he was doing a modeling shoot. Sure he's cute and all, but it was kinda weird after a while, as he would deliberately shift, put his hands on his hips, look off to the side, etc. I just had to take a picture, not to waste the poses.

Oh, another pose by the Ken doll, I couldn't resist.

Cute li'll gayboyz with their speedos and tight li'll bodies had their own corner out there though. I love 'em! Missed shot was cute greased up boy in luminous lime green speedos clearly with something stuff down the front. I rushed to get my camera but the sashayed away too quick.

While the dorks were there all day, it was nice and quiet in the early afternoon, as they kept to themselves. After 5pm however, it got annoying and annoying crowded after a while, where people drinking for the past 5 hours start to get annoying drunk, loud, ghetto skanky freaking by the pool, pouring drinks down a girls throat, groping, and just childish childish jerk MTV Spring Break! and Girls-Gone-Wild! behavior all around. Definitely a 'beautiful' people crowd...I just never could think people dancing in a row by the pool so self-consciously, because it's basically a stage for all to see, is not funny. Oh, and li'll white bikinis are very very popular on little brown girls here.

Despite the annoying crowd, the good music (yes it was good), the beach, the sun, the sky, it was all just too lovely.

I didn't get a good shot of the DJ somehow, but this drummer had a grrreat fro.

The sky was beautiful...

I thought, the next time I go to KM8, I'd love to go with a big group of friends to make the most of the great location and lovely music, while buffering myself from the surrounding dorks. So I thought, hey! I have a birthday next week! (22nd, 22nd, 22nd...) Why not throw a casual get-together with my birthday as an excuse?

So yes, next Sunday 24th April (2 days belated)...joint birthday celebration with KrazyKaren, who's birthday is this weekend...nothing big, just hang out, good times, have a drink with me or two, get some Vitamin D...1pm-ish to sunset, we'll pop a champagne and do a birthday cake at sunset...it'll be fun, will send out an email invite soon...but all are welcomed! *sings* it's my birthday, its my birthday! it's my first birthday in Singapore for 4 years! We'll be there...=)

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Fine Signs, Monkeys, Trees, Crabs & Pigs

How is it Friday already? Did I procrastinate that long? Anyway, here's a post about last weekend, before this weekend passes me by...

On Saturday, we go on a hike at MacRitchie Reservoir. 2 min before this picture, that car pulls up and parks right in front of that sign. Driver leaves. It was too tempting to do this:

Pat loves monkeys.So he spent half the time taking photos of monkeys and talking to them in his special monkeyspeak, and trying to get them to come to him, until one old big one actually lunged at him...not this one though...

So we had aimed to go for the tree-top walk (is it just me or does that page have really BIG FONTS?). *sigh* I know it's lame to blame it on the poor maps. But Singapore truly has the worst maps in the world. Have you looked at the Sentosa maps? Or our MRT maps where everything is pointed upside down from where you are standing? To cut a long story, and our excuses for being losers, short, we took the wrong starting point and ended up walking the wrong way. We walked and we walked, expecting to see tree tops 1km away...after an hour of walking, we got the hint that we missed the turn. In any case, it was a lovely (albeit too effortless cos it was flat) walk.

I got to see lotsa trees. I love trees, and the parasitical organisms growing around them and magnificent equilibrium and harmony. This sign is very primary school excursion worksheet, but it's a nice li'll write-up about something I like to read more about:

I took a bunch of pictures of trees, foliage, and the weird stuff growing around 'em...another thing about kellykelly is that I love trees very very much. It's a recent obsession, something that I realized on my post-graduation trip around the National Parks.

Love their crazy shapes. If I were artistic, I'd be inspired to create something based on these. Unfortunately I have no talent.

This one's just fat, phat and bad-ass, almost meaty.

This one's just pretty.

On the way to meet my parents for dim sum at Thomson Plaza, Patrick muses, "honey, why does the chicken rice store have a big crab on its sign?"

After never-fail-to-be-yummy Da Pai Dang dim sum, Patrick wonders, "honey, why is there a half skinned pig with metal spikes through it hanging in that storeroom behind us?".
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