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Thursday, May 29, 2003


I was so ready to get it after months of deliberation and having a brother that just bought one. Went by the Apple store at Palo Alto, made a last minute spontaneous decision to finally spoil myself with this sweet li'll gadget that I'd name either kPod, iKel, or kelPod and feed with wonderful music and cuddle, caress and love every day as I do with Kelph, my darling Kelph.

And just as I was about to make the purchase, the Apple dude asked about my OS and I remembered that my Win98 system was too outdated for it.


Maybe the stars were telling me I didn't really deserve to get myself the sweet li'll thing that I really really lust for now.
Maybe the stars were telling me that desires and wants are bad for your soul and I should renounce material desires.
Maybe the stars were telling me to just friggin' upgrade my OS.
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You know a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco is truly authentic when they tell you "I'm sorry, we don't serve fortune cookies."

House of Nanking is da bomb! Or in Singlish...damnnnn shiok! We didn't have to look at the menu. Just told the owner to feed our table of six and bam bam bam came a scrumptious dinner of wonderful food that I can't remember the names of. Maybe it's a personal bias but nothing beats good Chinese food.

Funny that I was the only Asian at the table and everyone used chopsticks they requested for while I stuck to the fork and spoon they provided initially.

So far, the summer's been as lovely as expected. Wonderful weekend trip to Bodaga Bay, baking myself under 90F heat at my brother's in Menlo Park, found out that I got an A+ in my political science class, reading George Eliot's 'Middlemarch' (powerful amazing book. Even at the starting chapters, you feel that tingling vibe of a novel that can and will change you. Gotta love the way she describes the changes and tensions that come along as the Industrial Revolution was starting to show its effects on human life and emotion. Can't help but think that we're in a similar ebb of change today that we've not yet understood.), having Pat cook dinner for me the night before and my brother cook for me tonight, and a Minna-cum-Anu night thereafter. Life is very good.
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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Kellog Twin

Oooo...check out what I found on the web...a Kellog alter ego!

We have the same name and the same age.
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First second

The ecstasy of dotting the last period of your last sentence in your last final.

Heralds the first second of glorious summer vacation.

I am very happy, blessed, blest, blissful, blithe, cheerful, chipper, chirpy, content, contented, convivial, delighted, ecstatic, elated, exultant, gay, glad, gleeful, gratified, hopped up, intoxicated, jolly, joyful, joyous, jubilant, laughing, light, merry, mirthful, overjoyed, peaceful, peppy, perky, playful, pleased, satisfied, sparkling, sunny, thrilled, tickled, tickled pink, up, upbeat...(I love thesaurus.com)
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Friday, May 23, 2003

We Are Connected

Grrrrreat. While I'm here trying to put my mind into studying for my last final tomorrow, for which I'm screwed because I spent all day tapping toes wishing that the last final was over and pondering over the exciting possibility that I could do grad school (irony!) rather than engaging in productive work, there's a huge noisy party going on upstairs.

In return, I am blasting Jondi and Spesh's "We Are Connected" to drown their party noise. They are playing awful music by the way. Mine's better.

We are connected by the universal desire of human beings to party. But for now, it ain't fair that they get to party and I don't.

Spesh rocks. I met him last night at 111minna. Told him he was awesome at Kelly's Mission Rock 2 Saturdays ago. And he looked right at me with those big blue eyes of his, with his platinium locks tumbling down, shoke my hand and told me how much he appreciated that comment. I think I blushed almost as much as he did. He's one of those people with a lovely sweet shy non-threatening almost space-y etheral air to him that usually masks utter brilliance.
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Crossroad Choices

So my economics professor spoke to me about the 20-page paper that I wrote. I didn't do very well for this paper at all...and I know it. My thesis wasn't tight enough. He saw through me. But he tells me he saw a true academic mind from what he's read and tells me he wants to see me pursue Economics seriously, i.e. aim for a phD in Berkeley. I have a potential to be a top econ grad in Berkeley, he says and it'd be a waste if I don't try to realize that potential. He's offered to be my supporter, write letters of recommendations, etc, to help me.

I have never seen myself as an academic, first having reservations about "academia" (churning out papers that doesn't seem to have any immediate contribution to our society feels very gratuitous at times); second, I live in chronic self-disparagement about my (especially intellectual) abilities and mostly either feel like a parody or fraud when I get (or try to get) 'intellectual'. Especially given my accute awareness that there are so many smart-er people out there, I mostly feel that dude, my brain is like, so nothing.

Which means what he told me could be hog-wash.

...or not. Because I am very interested in what I study. And now the opportunity to pursue that seriously is horribly exciting.

Problem is that I have a messy contractual issue with my sponsor for whom I have to work for right after my BA degree. I still have a year left to negotiate round this. But I hate this feeling of having seeds of expectations planted that could either blossom into happy realizations or bitter disappointments.
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Pleasant Unexpected Surprises

1. Patrick appearing at the Canvas Cafe suddenly while I was studying.

2. Cultural education.
Attending his school's spring concert. Meeting his students who are an awesome cool kick-ass bunch of brats. Observing how a ghetto urban public junior high school worked. An eye-opener for someone who's only been through the side of Singapore's school system where being a rebel meant leaving your top blouse button open as you loosen your Cedar Girls' school tie. Fire alarm goes on during the concert and no one bats an eye. The school's had 2 bomb threats in the past 2 weeks. The fire alarm gets pulled every other day. They continue playing stubbornly above the sirens. When the sirens stopped, the warning lights keep on flashing for the rest of the concert, to the tune of the 'Nutcracker Suite" being played.

3. Last Minute Cable Ride:
Qool was just ok. The music didn't kick it for me last night. But on the way to a post-club pizza place, as we stopped by a red-light, I looked at the SF cable car to our left and said "I've never been on one of those." Pat gapes increduously. "You have never been on one of those????" Chris in the back seat says "Well, it's about time" "Go go go! We'll meet you at the pizza place!" Pat says. So Chris and I jump off the car at the intersection and hop onto the cable car as Pat drives off. For some reason I had put on Pat's Jamaican woven hat in the car for fun and still had it on as I hopped on. Must have looked touristy. And of course, big black cable car driver has to go "My, my, konichiwa! or ni hao! You Japanese, or Chinese?" He was hilarious. I didn't bring my wallet with me and Chris only had $3.50 in total on him, 50 cents short of our fare. He covered the rest for us. Taught me the "brotherhood" handshake and the "hippie" handshake which ends with both pretending to take a hit from a joint. The cable car ride is way more fun than it looks! Something to hanging your body off to the side of the road as you go up a San Francisco hill with the Bay Bridge in the backdrop the entire time.

4. Cultural exchange:
About 10 blocks later, we hopped off and got our pizza. Somehow, Natalie, Pat, Chris and I ended up in an Asian squat position outside the pizza place after us telling Chris our previous attempt to do so (Re: 13 May Tuesday entry about Sunset party). An elderly group of old white ladies walked past us. One of them said "My, I'd never get up if I got down there." I replied "Yeah, I'm just trying to teach them how to do the Asian thang." It must have been funny with my ghetto Jamaican hat still on. At least, they thought it hilarious.

There's always a story or two to tell when you spend time in the city.
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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Two down...

...and once again, damn! How I love it when I study my ass off and it pays off. Three hours of non-stop writing after 4 hours of sleep must have its negative effects, but the adrenaline from writing good essays compensates for that. As does Patrick's email telling me that I will be viewing this

in our getaway this Memorial Day weekend after my final final on Friday morning.

Despite the fact that studying is fuckin' hard work (and the one on Friday will be the worst one yet), I have too many compensatory factors to bitch and whine. I will remember that when my body is shutting down on me tomorrow night as I freak out trying to squish information in, yes I will.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Man, this sucks ass. I find this website with a delicious bunch of James Zabiela streams that I could have been listening all this while but my stupid realplayer keeps crashing on me. Thus leaving me salivating for even more Zabiela grooves, especially after watching and re-watching this clip from that night. For some reason, that 10 second clip captures that night so completely for me. The chill before the thumping beats. The laser-lights thumping to the thumping beats. The people jumping and clapping to the thumping beats. And James Z himself jumping up and down to his thumping beats. He's soooo cute. Every time he did that, I jumped with him too.

On an off-topic, getting an email from my GSI telling me I got an A for my final paper in the class which I have a final tomorrow morning is a nice li'll confidence booster. Although the final that will freak me out is the Econ one on Friday. The bytes of information I'd have to cram in before 8am on Friday is daunting. I'll have to go clubbing tomorrow to prepare for that.

On an offer-topic, are you aware that frozen blueberries with yoghurt and cottage cheese (sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and topped with maple syrup and granola) are delicious?
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De-myth the myth that it's a myth

From the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's (BEP):

Defacement of Currency
Defacement of currency is a violation of Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code. Under this provision, currency defacement is generally defined as follows: Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued, shall be fined not more than $100 or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Defacement of currency in such a way that it is made unfit for circulation comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service. Their address is: United States Secret Service, 1800 G Street, N. W., Washington, DC 20223.

So even if it's for art?

He doesn't think it's right.

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Matrix Reloaded

Do not read the following if you intend to watch the movie. Not because I'm going to reveal plot details or anything (I'll probably need to watch it at least 3 more times to understand it enough to reveal anything of interest). Just cos it's more fun to go watch a movie without any expectations/other people's opinions.

Liked it a lot. Horribly entertaining. Cool shit. Keanu Reeves is hot. The new characters in this film are hilarious. And cute key-maker China-man. Agent Smith (all 200 million of him like creepy crawling cockroaches) is a riot ("me too!"). Very nice racially mixed class...only wished the couples in the film would mix it up a little. Gotta love that annoying French fag with his 2 white-dreadlock freak-twins (and his orgasmically good chocolate cake. Boy I want me some of that!). I loved the rave scene--hot, sweaty, sexy, half-naked bodies moving, gyrating, pumping to kick-ass grooves...yummy!!

We sat through the credits, listening to the music. My ears wasn't too thrilled with the Deftones/POD-type screaming, yelling songs they played in the beginning. Then the song turned into a kick-ass scatchy-tone and I started grooving to it. Sounded very Linkin Park, I thought. Voila, it -was- them I found out later. And then, and then this awesome piano base comes on and I hear this familiar voice...OH MY GOD! It was Dave Matthews' "When the World Ends"...OH MY GOD! What an awesome remix! Found out later it was a Paul Oakenfold remix. Am playing it on loop on winamp right now. I like allowing my ears to pick out what I like before I know who exactly it is. I'm gonna get the soundtrack. Or shamelessly Kazaa the entire thing if I find it.

When we left the theatre after 11pm, all tired and still having to take the Muni home, Natalie crouched down and said "Alrighty, I'm gonna take off guys. See ya." and she jumped up pumping her fists in the air. You have to watch the movie to get that joke.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

...but not to forget fun

So my policy is that I ain't gonna be able to study 24 hours a day anyway. I might as well split my waking hours (average of 18 hours. I'm a bad sleeper) into 9 hours of studying, and 9 hours of fun. Which would:
(a) make the 9 hours of studying more productive because:
-- i. I am refreshed from the fun.
-- ii. I am looking forward to having fun later.
(b) make the 9 hours of fun all the more sweet because:
-- i. I had studied 9 hours prior
-- ii. I will have another round of fun-9 hours after the work-9 hours
-->The alternative would be to spend 9 hours studying, spend another 9 hours either doing nothing, or feeling frustrated that I should do something, then feeling frustrated that I did nothing, which would lead to another 9 hours of unproductivity.

Call it justifying laziness. I slog enough to comfortably state that.

(I've been typing up too much notes. I'm beginning to categorize my thoughts in point form)

Hence, a recount of my weekend:

Friday night:
(I refuuuuused to not go out on a Friday night even if it was a finals weekend. Damn you finals! You give me enough grieve as it is! You shall NOT cut into my party time! Refer to above justification)
James Zabiela at 1015 -- who was soooooooooo awesome. I have never heard a more technically astute DJ, and have never been more enthralled by the DJ's spinning at the turntable...you can't take your eyes off him. He'd have -three- turntables working...and he did all these funky technical shit which probably have technical terms I do not (yet) know. I didn't intend to dance too much because of the 9 hours of studying prior, and the next day of 9 hours of studying I had planned. But damn, he freaking rocked my world that night...made me dance my ass off. I couldn't help it. And he was the cutest li'll DJ...he has that Beck-look to him, blond, skinny, nerdy-cute (not my type of guy, but cute) and he'd bounce up and down whenever he puts on a slamming track. One of the most interactive, engaging DJs. Melikes plenty.
Someone took pictures of the event and I spotted myself in one of the pictures of the crowd. (You can see a blurred image of me in a pale top on the right of the picture, way behind the couple hugging each other, facing Patrick, who's just as blur an image. I like that the shot caught us kinda just chilling, looking like we're smiling and chatting on the dance floor. And Doug is behind me, back facing mine). I don't know the photographer at all, just stumbled upon the website of pictures while surfing. That's kinda eerie...looking at the picture is like an Orwellian "Where's Wally?" But I remember the dude taking pictures at the club.
We didn't stay long for Quivver. He was good, played hard house (he was cute too), but we were just too tired to continue dancing. We left the club at 2am, tired but still went to an after-party. Thank god we didn't stay for the after-after party which Natalie went to, where she fell asleep only at 8am. 4am and I was done.

Saturday was lovely. I woke up early, got some work done. Patrick and I headed out to the Wharf to get brunch at the Cannery. SSSucculent ice-cold raw oysterssss with diet coke (for me) and beer (for Patrick...he is half-Irish) was perfect for a hot Saturday afternoon. I whipped out my laptop and got more studying done. Another I-Love-San-Francisco-exclamationpoint moment: during brunch, a group of kooky looking people dressed up in kooky golf outfits came up to the bar for a beer. They were, as I later found out, playing Urban Golf. The statement on their website says it all "Unlawful and visually violent golf outfits are strongly encouraged". I truly wished for my Kelph desperately.
As evening set in, we headed to Ghirardelli Square for a sinful sundae and brownie. Gaaaahhh...walked it off as we headed down Columbus Avenue to Embarcadero Square to pick Natalie up from her workplace. Stopped by some random art gallery in the Mission on the way back. I saw an artpiece which made an American flags out of currency--coins for the starts and torn strips of notes for the strips. I said that was illegal. Patrick argued that it wasn't. We bet on a Singaporean dinner cooked by me. I couldn't think of what he had to do cos he cooks all the time anyway. Point is, I think I won. I will find more concrete evidence of this after the finals.

Sunday I was a good girl, watching Natalie perform at their dad's church in San Jose, then spending the rest of my 9 hours studying studying studying. More when I got back to Berkeley. More when I woke up at 5am to do more studying.

I deserve to watch 'Matrix Reloaded' tonight.
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One Down...

Yes, this is the beginning of the countdown that happens to every college student, every semester. One down...and damn! How I love it when I study my ass off for something and it pays off...I actually had fun answering the essay questions. The first was on associations and their autonomy from the state; the second questioning the statement "Authoritarian governments fear and repress associations; democratic governments welcome and support associations". Shalt not bore you with details, but my nerd-side had fun spilling out what I crammed in. A sorta emancipation. Releasing pressure from the brain. I think it was a Douglas Coupland novel that wrote about "trepanation"--the medical process of drilling a hole in the skull to relieve pressure on the brain. That sentence is written on the board in front of my study table. I like to read it when I feel in need of trepanation.

Two more to go...
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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Randomness. Coincidences

Gotta love 'em.

I stream Friskyradio stuff all the time. Great random sets from great DJs, a lot of whom I'm still getting to know. Most of the time, I just let it run and let something I especially like strike me. I don't usually know the name of the DJ spinning before I hear it. Only if I find it especially good, I go check out to see who it is that's on then I'll get to know who I really like. It's good for a new school techno freak like me, still finding out what I really like. It's hard sometimes not to let your opinions get colored by who's already famous or not.

So I was listening to a set and damn! I thought this DJ's freaking awesome!

So I go to my winamp which states "John Graham aka Quivver Club Space 12/31/02"

Hmmm...Quivver. Where have I seen that name before?

Then I remembered. I was going to 1015 tonight for James Zabiela. The flyer mentions a "Quivver" who'd be spinning with James Z tonight. Hurrah! I'm gonna enjoy tonight! =)

And now back to studying about the Argentine economic decline in the early 20th century first...
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Lunar Treat

After a marathon 9am-6pm almost break-less study session at The Canvas Gallery yesterday, my eyes were fucking killing me from the hours of abuse staring at the laptop screen. I gratefully accepted a dinner invitation at Patrick's collegue's house in North Beach.

A post dinner trot up to the Coit Tower (my first time there!) to wait for the lunar eclipse. I didn't know what to expect. I was just inhaling the view of the city at the top of the hill. No matter how many times I've seen views of this city from just about any-friggin'-where, just about any-freakin'-time, my silly li'll heart still gives a li'll dee-dum skip. The sun had set and the sky was getting redder. The lights in the city came on and it seemed like the city took its first breath, as Pat described. Certainly felt like it. We waited some more. It was getting colder. I started to jump around to keep warm. Patrick did a good job explaining the lunar eclipse, passing another of my you-are-a-science-teacher-you-explain-to-me test, after which he started to jabber corny improvised poetry all ending with "-ight" to kill time.

Then it suddenly appeared. Just popped up. Outta nowhere. Right between two posts of the Bay Bridge. And it was beautiful, anywhere you stood. We stayed at the Coit Tower for a while, then walked to Columbus for some Ben & Jerry's. The ice-cream and chocolate chip cookie gave me an unbelieveable sugar rush (that's why I cannot take sugar, ever) and I bounced down Columbus Avenue. Patrick calmly stood in the middle of Washington Square Park and finished off them evil sugar desserts while watching the eclipse and me bouncing to the music of 3 black dudes at the corner singing for change (they were pretty good). My mom recently mentioned that I seem to be having a lot of fun in San Francisco (duh) and wondered "how are you going to come home sane?" I worry too.

On the way back to the car, we saw clusters of people staring up at the sky, cars slowing down wondering what people were staring at. I don't know why but those old Christopher Reeve Superman movies popped up in my head. I wondered if any accidents happened that night. We took a long drive home and everywhere, the lunar eclipse was visible to us. You couldn't take your eyes off it. Just spectacular, spectacular and spectacular.

What a night to not fuckin' have my Kelph digi-cam with me. 'Tis alright. Don't sweat the small stuff, the moon reminds ya. Tis all in me head...tis all in me mind, ya?

[By the way, I've just re-read this entire post of mine and I don't really like it. There's a little too much wishy-wash in my description of the beauty of the moon. It came out a tad bit too mawkish for my liking. Excuse the effusive slush. I blame "the beautiful moon". Oh and I also blame Patrick for making me feel all warm and fuzzy and schmaltzily mushy.]
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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Quantum Leap.

My last day of classes was yesterday.

How is this possible?

I was just writing about the first week of classes 2 seconds ago, wasn't I, wasn't I?

Uh-oh...amidst finals studying (and procrastination of), I sniff an onslaught of "how have I grown as an individual, intellectually and spiritually this semester?" introspections coming down upon me.

That is what happens where you mark the eras of your life according to your school's semester system.

You shall be spared from the boring details. Probably.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Sunset Swingers, Glorious Dolores

It was well worth all the headaches poured into the 20-pager, because the weekend more than made up for it.

Nat, Pat and I managed get up early and head out to the Golden Gate Park for the Sunset Party. Here's us squatting at the bus-stop waiting for the Muni. Pat and Nat were trying to do the Asian Squat.

When we got to the park, it was still pretty empty.

In a couple of hours, it looked like this:

The DJ booth was an altar:

The sun was just awesome. One of the best days in the Bay Area of late. There's Heather and I looking all sunny and bright.

Here's my crazy Pat and his crazy snowboarder sunnies shading me from the sun.

I went around taking pictures of normal park people away from the party:
Here's a lovely mom-and-child picture:

Here's a girl sitting and contemplating away from the crowd:

Went back near the core of the party.
I like this cute cart:

Got Soul?

Man playing with his sticks:

I saw a few twirlers spinning around colored stripes to the music. Apparently, Burning Man people usually twirl fire like that.

Then I started taking pictures of crazy San Franciscanites...what a riot!
You get your usual man monk with dreadlocks:

The usual Mrs Claus:

The usual flamboyant diva:

The usual weird orange dance boy stealing the diva's thunder:

The usual man sleeping in the middle of a large crowd dancing vigorously to loud house music:

I do love the outfits on these 2 cool chicks though:

What an awesome day that awesomely did not end there. After dinner at Tu Lan (sounds like a Hokkien cuss word), a Vietnamese place in the city, we got changed and clubbed till 4am at Kelly's Mission Rock. I don't know why I've never been to Kelly's but that place rocked. It was by the bay and had an outdoor dance area. Just awesome. One of my favs, Spesh, outdid himself that night.

Sunday was spent just lolling around Dolores Park with Pat and a bunch of other people. Perfect post-party Sunday. The weather was perfect. And my life felt perfect.

But it was still San Francisco and the weirdos just keep coming at us.
Here's Mr Orange Y-front in full hiking boot-gear and a boner:

And here are people practising tight-rope walking in the park:

I do love San Francisco very very much.
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Saturday, May 10, 2003


Whoo! 8 friggin' straight hours in front of my laptop...more than a week of researching prior...my 20 page paper is done! Done! DONE! *justified maniacal laughter*

After that marathon session of stress comes....


Party tonight. Perhaps Jimmy Van M @ 1015 after.
Sunset party at the Golden Gate Park tomorrow afternoon. (oh yes, there'll be pictures...)
Kelly's Mission Rock tomorrow night.

And who knows what crops up on Sunday?

All I know is I'll have fun...and dammit! I DESERVE it!
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My mind finds wonderful ways distract me from completing a paper.

This is the beautiful sunny sky we have in Berkeley today.

These are the different shades that now exist on my body after an hour of swimming under that beautiful sunny sky.

You will not be told which parts of my body those were taken from.
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Friday, May 09, 2003

Mind-full of Economists

You know the paper is making you a tad bit bonkers when your email to your boyfriend reads:

"Yes babes, I knew I wouldn't see you tonight. I had plans to menage-a-trois with Mr Smith and Mr Marx tonight. Maybe throwing in a 4th...a Mr Keynes as well. We're gonna get hot and heavy...Mr Smith is gonna "laissez-faire" with me...Mr Marx likes to play around with "commodity fetishism"...and Mr Keynes...damn that boy's all about "animal spirits"...we be capitalizing on resources alllll night! Exciting! wooo!"
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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Mind-full of Marx

Maybe that thing about sleep hynosis really works. I fell asleep at 11pm last night in the middle of reading an analysis of Marx's 'Capital'. I wake up suddenly at 530am and my head is swirling with ideas for my paper, thinking of nothing but Marx's concepts which seemed very clear now. And I just had to get up to write the paper.

So even though I wasn't actually listening to a tape chanting 'Das Kapital' passages while I slept, that I fell asleep right after reading about it made my mind continue to tap subliminal messages and thoughts into my head while I slept. Although my dream last night consisted of going to a sauna with a secondary school friend I've not met/spoken to for more than a year, I was actually thinking of Marx the entire time, leading me to wake up with new revelations about his work.

...Or maybe that new revelation I thought I had is an illusion--the just-waking-up fog led me to believe that I was confident in his concepts and that everything was clear to me.
Because I'm sitting here supposedly about to write all these wonderful ideas I apparently had. And my fully-awakened mind (after half a cup of black tea) draws a blank.
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Corrected. Re: Yusof bin Ishak

Oh my Mummy's a sharp one. She corrects my previous claim that Yusof bin Ishak was the first elected president (Damn. Just when I thought I was smart for once. Re: May 5th entry below the couple of bird pictures). He was the first locally appointed president. The first president elected by the people of Singapore was Ong Teng Cheong only in 1993.

"Anyway, Yusuf Ishak was not elected. He was appointed, same as Sheares, the 2nd president. Sheares was a gynaecologist. The third appointed was the drunkard one Devan Nair, a PAP chap. Then the next appointed one was Ong Teng Cheong. Then in the midst of his term as president, they had some kind of election for president, and as he was the only one standing for election, he was considered an elected president. Someone there to safeguard the money. Don't know how much power he had. Anyway he had a tiff with the govt over some accounting thing, and he didn't stand for the next election of president. And SR Nathan got it. S. R. Nathan is the now elected president."

Gotta love those random facts my mummy adds to her emails. She had to mention that Benjamin Sheares was a gynaecologist (I think he was an obstetrician more specifically...but why quibble the details?). My squeamish conservative mother gets weirded out by male gynaecologists.
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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

HP Hype

This is just so obvious.

Mystery copy in the middle of the field....
Can you spell p-u-b-l-i-c-i-t-y s-t-u-n-t?

I'm still looking forward to it as part of the summer reading frenzy I've planned for myself.

I've not had a good novel for such a long time. I'm feeling horny for books. I'm itching to read something penetrating and deliciously enticing. But I'm stuck with school work for the moment. 3 more weeks then it's 3 months of delicious do-nothing days. Makes all this work for my 20-page seminar paper on Smith, Marx and Keynes' thoughts on economic development, and the extent to which each can explain why Singapore is rich, that is due next Monday, worth the effort worth the effort worth the effort worth the effort...
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UC Berkeley Bars Students From SARS Areas

Awwww damn...I understand the need for precaution. But damn, I feel so bad for those who were looking forward to a summer abroad. Am sure there are many Singaporeans who'd benefit from getting out of the country for a bit and experiencing something new halfway across the world...and taking with them something positive and dynamic to feed back into a static society. And for many of them, this is their one chance to do so.

Awwww....Shucks! Bugger! Damn! Aiyah! etc.
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...and how was your weekend?

Hate to gloat. But my weekend was perfect.

One of the 4 rainbows we saw on the way down to Santa Barbara on stormy Friday afternoon:

Palm trees in Santa Barbara the next morning. It was ohmygod, like, so SoCal. State Street was Archie-Comics America --chock-full of upper middle-class gorgeous blond people shopping in Gap, Banana Republic, Macy's and Abercrombie:

We had a great lunch of crabs and raw oysters. A walk down the jetty. Pat may look completely spastic, but hey, he means it: "Just be nice":

I realize that I like to take photos of birds. Don't ask why. They are such expressionless li'll creatures...but they look so peaceful:

This one was taken later when we set off along Highway 1 again:

We stopped by San Luis Obispo where Pat ate his month's quota of sugar with his cake batter ice-cream. Couldn't find vacant rooms for the night and ended up at a little town called Cayucos.
At dinner we met a middle-age white couple who just returned from Singapore the night before. Of all places. They'd lived there for 3 years. I started talking to them after I saw them passing Singapore currency round their table and someone at the table asked "Who is Yusof bin Ishak?" I later told them he was the first elected president of Singapore, but told them not to quote me on it cos I wasn't sure. I was right...whoohoo! Phew. I wonder how many Singaporeans know. Nyah nyah...
The next morning, we took a walk around the town. Such a quaint quiet li'll town by the sea:

I couldn't resist the requisite cheesy couple scenic photo:

Continued up Highway 1. I've seen pictures and knew it was awesome, but was still unprepared for the oh-my-god-look-gape-gape-drool-drool! sights:

Passed by Hearst Castle, but decided that there was always next time to explore that place:

This is me with the Big Creek Bridge in the background where apparently tons of car commercials have been shot.

So as we drove on this bridge, we did weird spasm dances in the car to the techno music that was already on (I think we had Sasha or Paul van Dyk on) and pretended to be in a car commercial:

A spontaneous decision to stop by the Big Sur Jazz festival at the Henry Miller library along the way. It was a typical Californian bookstore, full of books on Buddhism, self-help, erotica, organic food, drugs and anti-war stuff. Such a parody in itself. People (East Coasters, Europeans) mock Californians for being so Californian. But I love their unabashed display of the stereotype. They are fully aware of the self-parody but who the fuck cares?
I liked this display. It's a print out of a complaint letter from someone who was offended by a poster in the Library. "This kind of outrageous sexism is entirely unacceptable to me both as a woman and as an artist." Below the letter, there's a stack of postcards for sale depicting that "appallingly offensive photograph":

and this was pinned at the back of the toilet door...I'll show you twilight years...:

We spent 2 1/2 hours just sitting in the sun, reading, listening to music and looking at the sky...

...and jiggled and chilled with freaky looking rag dolls (I look like one myself!). Being a freaky rag doll...a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon:

This is Patrick's beloved 'FL G8TOR' that took us places:

This is my crazy driver getting his hair out of the way. He reminded me of Ne Zha, especially the 2 li'll buns at the back. I cracked up for 10 minutes while he wondered who the fuck Ne Zha was:

We turned off Highway 1 after Monterey. Dropped by an artichoke farm where Pat buys some artichokes for dinner. Lookee those cute li'll artichokes budding at the top of the plant:

The sun and sky was absolutely soporific. I cuddled up and fell asleep till we got to SF:

When we got back into the city, dealing with cars and people everywhere, no more miles of open spaces, green, mountains, sea, we both agreed that it was so wonderful to getaway to the quiet country for the weekend...but just for the weekend.

We both are completely city-people. We still need our clubs, people, cafes, bustle and hustle, theatres, dirt, grime and crazy people. The city is our life, the country a nice novelty. Good to get away, but always wanting to come back. Blessed are we who love where we live and live where we love.
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