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Tuesday, September 30, 2003


I saw a man giving another fellatio yesterday. There were people crowded around them taking pictures. A few men jacking themselves watching. I saw another man playing with another man's balls. I saw a woman giving another woman head. I saw a hunky man in leather strapped and being flogged by his master in Michael-Fay fashion. I saw a lot of tits, asses (too many hairy ones. *shudder*) and schlongs, mostly just hanging out, some half-covered in nets, leather straps or squished under chains. I wasn't at an S&M orgy (if I were, it will not be KelBlogged for my parents to read). These acts were all happening on a fine sunny Sunday afternoon, in the middle of Folsom Street in San Francisco, in front of a church and a child development center.

The Folsom Street Fair, baby. A fest of debauchery, "the premier leather event and celebration of leather, fetish and self-expression." I wish I brought my camera. In a way, maybe it was good I didn't. One too many hairy asses hanging out. You can see some here.

Funny how communities define what is suitable, appropriate or offensive. A Christian preacher would have been labelled close-minded freak in that freak fest. A leather strapping, schlong hanging cross-dresser would have been condemned to hell in Arkansas.

I don't wish to have hairy asses and shrivelled penises in my face (neither figuratively nor literally) all the time. But I like debauchery in the open in an annual sectioned off 8 hour festival. It allows the freaks to realize they aren't the only freaks, feel accepted and therefore allow them/us to feel part of not alienated from their civic community. Let's get freaky for once so we can act normal for the rest of the time. Whooyeah!
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Sunday, September 21, 2003


I am a new fan. We caught Resfest's opening Shorts #1 on Thursday night, then Shorts #2 and Cinema Electronica on Friday night. On the Map tonight will likely be watched, and so will Videos that Rock on Sunday afternoon.

The Resfest Shorts are absolutely fascinating. I was fearful that they would turn out to be too pretentiously artsy-fartsy for my like-y. The crowd certainly leaned on that spectrum. You had short episodes with talking dogs, a man stapling raw bacon to duct tape wrapped around his waist and fighting with his (presumely gay) partner dressed the same way with huge tubes of salami, a man who had different masks stuck to his face till his wife forgave him of infidelity, just random weird shit that made you go "what the fuck...?" and then "oh my god, that was absolutely fascinating!" when you realize that the concepts must have arisen from a completely different paradigm of film-making and/or storytelling. And then you feel absolutely cheated by Hollywood. As if there has been all this potential all this while that have been hidden from you.It all could very easily have slipped into that trap of "huh?". But in some weird genuis fashion, most didn't.

Speaking of weird fashion, we hopped to the after party for Platform's Heros and Villians fashion show at the Mezzanine where the club was mixed with people dressed in super hero costumes, ravers in t-shirts and baggy pants, and high-profile high-maintenance chicks and metrosexuals (mostly with accents) hob-nobbing. Our after-after party ended us at The End Up, the (in)famous SF club institution where they close at 4am, open at 6am to allow people to rave till after noon. Filled with more weird fashion...only they just dressed like that, not for a fashion show. In the street at 4am, we saw a man drive by the street, steering wheel in one hand, playing the trumpet with another. ?. I love this strange strange city.

Do try to catch Resfest if it comes to your town. They're travelling nationwide (NYC, Washington,...) and worldwide (London, Korea, Barcelona, Madrid,...). The mind trip will be worth the trip.
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Friday, September 19, 2003

Kelly (xxx?)

I got down to Minna only at about 10pm last night, catching Thump Radio's DJ Dutch (a little too hard trance for a weekday night), just missing Spesh's set (which was supposed to have been awesome).

So I told Spesh at the afterparty that I missed his set and damn, I heard it was a good one.
And the usually endearingly but almost awkwardly shy Spesh leaned down and cooed in my ear, "Then I'll have to play some more then."
Simple words mean so much more coming from a usually silent source.
I swooned in that innocent way a girl perfectly happy with her boyfriend (me) does to another man who is his lovable married friend (Spesh).

And discovered by my Malaysian friend surfing Spesh's website after hearing him on Digweed's KISS FM, I have apparently been quoted. It's funny seeing my name tagged with the parenthesis (San Francisco). I have always been Kelly (Singapore). Kelly (San Francisco) is new. Kelly (San Francisco) looks kinda cool. Kelly (San Francisco) looks nice. Kelly (San Francisco) looks...right.
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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Crimes and Intermezzo

Watching 'Crimes and Misdemeanors' (Woody Allen) for the 5th time certainly has new meaning now that I am halfway through 'Crime and Punishment'.

And I've got to say, the salads-bigger-than-the-size-of-your-head with honey-wheat bread at Cafe Intermezzo (Telegraph Ave) is absolutely divine, divine.

YoRadio is still a delicious treasure. The Greek AKA ToneDepth studio mix has the title track from American Beauty thrown in at the last 10 minutes. *rubbing hands in glee*

...just a random tid-bit blogger hello in between finishing up my econ homework and getting my freak on at Minna tonight (it's Qool vs Thump tonight. That's -got- to be awesome.)
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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


YoRadio is such a house of treasure. The live mixes from The Mara Soundsystem and Timo Maas make walking to and in between (thank you iPod!) classes so fun.

And reading the murder scene in Crime and Punishment during lecture is very very distracting.
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Hula Hoopin' Through the Old and the New

It was hot hot hot in the Bay Area this weekend. Walking around San Francisco at night in a skirt and no jacket is such a big novelty.

Yet another Sunset Party on Saturday afternoon. Hippies hula-hooping to house music by Mark Farina. I have not hula-hooped for at least 12 years. I picked one up and lost myself for the next 3 hours. I felt at once like a li'll girl playing with her hoops and a sexual woman gyrating to awesome music.

I received a lovely email from a lovely old friend (hi Noeline!) just at a time when there has been a dawning sense of missing my childhood friends. She writes "Yup, treasure your time there and we'll be here for you when you get back!" and I get a powerful bittersweet pang that at the very least, I have that to look forward to next year.

But I can't help but feel a sense of alienation from my new and old worlds. Reading about my friends applying for HDB flats and my mother's dailyness in Singapore, and partying with crazypartypeople whom I like to party, not identify with, I suddenly feel a stranger in both.
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Friday, September 12, 2003


Chinese (the language) has always been the bane of my academic years in Singapore. My transcripts are filled with As but for the annual blemish of "Chinese--C-5". I spoke English at home, was read to and read in English since I was a kid, thought and dreamt in English. I always felt a subtle sense of alienation from my other classmates who conversed in Chinese while I was known as the "banana" of the class.

And the dreaded hua yu is coming back to me as I need a 4 college semesters of a foreign language requirement waived. My 12 years of agonizing Chinese classes must satisfy that 4 semesters worth. But I need to get my 'AO' C-5 (hey, it's a pass!) certification converted by someone in the asian languages department somehow. Point is, I think I'll have to write a letter in Chinese explaining my situation and that is absolutely intimidating.

But I have never been more conscious about being a Chinese over here. I'm a living stereotype. It's the ol' story--li'll Asian girl goes to the Big West. Dates white dude (stereotype! stereotype! although I add the disclaimer that being half Irish half Italian with a sprinkle of Native Indian somewhere, he ain't white-white). Becomes more aware of her Asian roots. Yadda yadda. It's a little different these days...less Suzie Wong, more multicultural Sex and the City. After all, UC--Berkeley is almost half-Asian and SF is getting taken over by us (mwah-ha).

Pat and I went to the Mid-Autumn festival fest last weekend in Chinatown with Amin (American born Palestinian) and his wife Raquel (Spanish born new American) and Andre (world traveller now living in Brazil). It was pretty cool sharing a cultural event so familiar to me to those so unfamiliar with it. A tau sar bao (red bean bun) was described as "like a twinkie, but with a starchy bean paste". Patrick said that the first lion dance show he saw was in Disneyworld Orlando, Florida ( I thought that was hilarious in the same way I thought the lifeguard at Disneyworld was: he said "xie xie" thank you to me in Chinese and I asked him if he learnt the language and he went "nahh, I learnt it in Rush Hour 2"), as a kid, and he was freaked out by it. I was too. We listened to super cheesy old-school Hokkien/Mandarin songs ("mei gui mei gui, wo ai niiiiii...") sung by a Teresa Tang wannabe. I remembered walking around with lanterns as a kid. The place was packed as hell. The toilets were gross. We ended the day at Buddha Bar where a li'll Chinese old man played a series of Michael Jackson songs on the jukebox. I felt like I was really back in Asia again.
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Thursday, September 11, 2003

The House culture

Oh I do love house music. I love everything about it, the music, the culture, the activities that go along with it.

We celebrated Patrick's birthday at MILK and then on to Butter Bar to hear Phil Smart play. We've hung out and about with him recently through a network of friends. Apparently this superstar DJ in Australia, but so nice and cool. We go in and shite! Sensei and David Coleman were spinning, awesome DJs that normally spin to huge crowds. But there was barely anyone else there that night. I guess they were on a night off, practising, chilling out. It was just our group, talking, chilling, dancing as we wish, no cover charge, no dorks, no club-girls, no cheese, no VIP lines, no arrogant bouncers, just hanging out and talking to the DJs, just us and the music. And it was my heaven.
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Deep Happiness

Is youthful happiness ever credible?
I get suspicious of my own.
I appear to believe that deep, profound and credible thoughts arise from melancholy or times of mellow contemplation that a delirious joyfulness has no time for.
I do not know where that belief came from.
In any case, I have not felt melancholic for a long time.
Just a thought.
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Friday, September 05, 2003

A week in the life of...

So what's been going on in the past week?

Milk (Tues nite), Minna (Wed nite), Vertigo bar (Thurs nite), a We-Didn't-Go-To-Burning-Man party (I saw fire spinners for the first time!) (Sat night), Ziggy Marley (I was in rapture...and I didn't even like raggae!) at the Oakland Arts and Music Festival (Sun afternoon), DJ BT (frrrrrrreakin' awwwwesome @ 1015 and the hottest looking DJ ever) (Sun nite), Fisherman's Wharf stroll (Monday afternoon), Minna (Spesh rocked) (Wed nite).

Oh, and school too.

And straddling between Doctor Zhivago, The Penguin History of the World, Fukuyama/Barber-type readings for political science class, many Economist articles of Econ class...and I just had to start reading Crime & Punishment because I don't know why I picked up the book and couldn't stop. People are psychos, especially them Russians. Melikes to read them.

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