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Monday, September 27, 2004

Yee Mah

It is always unfortunate that it takes unfortunate occurances to remind and bond at times. My aunt whom I call Yee Mah ("2nd Mom" in Cantonese) got into an accident last night. She brought me up when my both parents worked in the weekdays. She stayed up all night to fan the kids to sleep. She looked after the young and old in the family. She was the one that did all the shit work without complaints. She is known as 'Yee Mah' to everyone.

Only with the threat of losing her as we drove to the hospital without knowing anything except that she was in the emergency room reminded me that she is an omnipresent background love in my, our, life. We hardly talk now due to my lack of Cantonese, and we aren't close in any conventional sense. But she's my Yee Mah that's always been Yee Mah. And I can't explain the bond I have with her any other way.

Last night, no less than 15 members of our extended family showed up late at night to rally around her as she was laid up in the hospital bed. And then I was reminded of how powerful my family can be, all the aunts, cousins, partners of, etc. As my mother and father held her as she vomitted all over them and as they cleaned her up afterwards, I was reminded of how amazing my parents are.

Yee Mah was conscious and remembered all our names last night. She's definitely in pain and in shock but she should, I hope, be fine. She's a strong gal. Send her all your good vibes and keep this lady in your thoughts and prayers, even if you don't know her. Actually, now you do, in this blog.
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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Food and Sex

We went to Geylang to eat the No SignBoard Chili crab. Yum yum!

We went to Geylang also to check out the infamous prostitution district. It was all very well for me to spout this Economist article about the virtues of legalizing prostitution. It was a little harder to spout the same principals as nonchantly and academically when I see a young girl staring blankly into space while surrounded (literally) by men looking at her up and down as they decide on their price.

I still hold those principals as put forth in the article linked above, even if I wriggle in disgust at that scene of the old man looking at the girl that keeps replaying in my head. I don't know if "respect" is the right term, but I have some respect for those women who chose to do what they do given their circumstances (unless of course they are underaged/forced into it, that's another story and argument), because I do not know each of their stories, and I don't know how I'd have dealt with the life choices they were given, which I'm thankful wasn't given to me. Walking through Geylang kinda felt familiar...doesn't that meat market resemble some clubs we go to, where (some) girls dress up close to nakedness to be gawked at by (some) men with the same thoughts running through their head as those in Geylang? At least in Geylang, there is no masking it with faux glamour.
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I thought Saved! was absolutely hilarious, well-cast and surprisingly smart. Patrick laughed especially loudly because he grew up in that very white Christian suburban stereotype. In a very weird way, I love Macaulay Culkin. I watched him in 'Party Monster' and thought he was fascinating. I can totally see how some people would not be able to stand him though, but I think he's got a special something I can't describe. He took a back-seat in this movie but you are very aware of his screen presence.

*little spoiler*
My favorite scene was when Roland (Macaulay Culkin), a cripple, comes to school in his halloween costume, with a black top and white laces on it. When asked what he was, he replied "I'm a rollar-skate". It's kinda hard to describe the scene but I cracked up.

This review is not bad.
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Lee Burridge

He was better than James Lavelle that's for sure. He stuck to the safe side, so I was kinda disappointed that he didn't throw down kooky stuff I expected. But he had great pacing with his grooves and sure as hell kept me on the dancefloor. I had fun. Ain't top-notch, but 'twas fun. I definitely needed a rather inebriated Patrick to give me a foot rub on the taxi ride home. It's painful raving with my stupid office shoes on. *phht*.

I take heart that it will be my last $20 cab ride home to Sembawang from Zouk.

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Scary Good

Did you know that my company's UOB MTV credit card gets you free entry into Zouk/Phuture/Velvet on Saturdays?

And the Citibank Clear card gets you free entry on Fridays and Saturdays?

And the UOB Mini gets you free drinks at Winebar?

And that I'm going to be living right across the street?
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Friday, September 24, 2004

East meets West

I couldn't resist getting a picture of Patrick ordering from the Western Food store at the hawker center.

Seperately, he had ordered a fish burger when I went to get a char siew bao. We ended up sharing half of each. We are such cliches.

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Aye Arnie!

My diploma arrived by mail yesterday. Oh boy, did I felt a proud glow when I looked at it! The 4 year quarter million dollar investment, the hard work, the intellectual challenge, the Glorious Golden Years of my college life...

Then I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature.

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Through Foreign Eyes

A few pictures of Singapore as taken by Patrick in his afternoon strolls:

I really don't know where that last one came from.
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People! Action! Party!


Party people, (front, from left) Miss Indranee, Mrs Lim (in black), Dr Chong, Miss Low and (at the back) PM Lee, groove on at Zouk. -- AZIZ HUSSIN

'The PAP is a serious party, but we're not a square party. We have some serious people, but we know how to enjoy ourselves too,' he said, before joining party revellers on the packed dance floor.

--thanks to my brother for the heads up.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Aye Ayn!

After gushing about Fountainhead, I'm thoroughly unimpressed by 'Atlas Shrugged'. In my over-enthusiasm to read all Ayn, expectations soared and I'm disappointed. John Galt is definitely not as sexy as Howard Roark; and Dominique's hotter than Dagney.

I'm struggling through Atlas Shrugged. Patrick threw David Sedaris' 'Barrel Fever' at me, and it's friggin' hilarious, and so not Rand. I think I need an Ayn break.

I do hate stopping books halfway though. I feel like I had 'wasted' time on what I've already read. I never finished Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children'. I'm halfway through Austen's 'Persuasion'. And Henry James' 'Portrait of a Lady'. Patrick thinks I should just give myself a break, then pick it up again refreshed instead of boring myself through it. My view is that I'm already feeling bitter about quitting halfway; and should I want to pick those up again, I'd have to read it from the start. We have very different styles of reading. He is usually in the midst of 5 different books, all of which he'll stuff in his big back-pack and lug around and I wonder why he does that. I'd rather neatly go through one at a time. Especially since I'm half his size and don't like to lug heavy bags around. It's good for me though cos he'll always have something extra for me to read.
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Jeezie Chrizzie!

People in Singapore are generally amused with Patrick, I think. In just 5 days, he's been told that he has "a strange face" and 'BFG' (by our new landlady whose 20mth old son couldn't stop staring at Patrick). My favorite came from Alex and Jules. We were over at their place for dinner. For some reason, we were talking about Jesus Christ. Patrick was talking about what great teachings he believes Jesus Christ represented, how he was a great political and spiritual leader, and how he hates that fundamentalists have screwed his words up (but no, Patrick ain't a Christian). Alex went "...and you even look like him. You'd be what I imagine Jesus to look like". We cracked up because it's scarily true.

I always kinda thought he looked like a grown up Peter Pan...but Jesus Christ would do.

(apologies for the blasphemous post, believers.)
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We Got IT!!!

We viewed 3 other flats last night, and we knew they weren't IT for us, be it price, location, general feel of the place. And we knew we'd know when we found the right place for us. Gut feeling. We had faith that good things happen to us.

And it does because we found IT!!! Zion Road, baby. Right across the street (literally!) from Zouk, and 10 minutes to work. We had already liked the location and told ourselves we'd get it if we found the place ok. The place was way beyond ok. It's an old HDB estate yet the flat itself is beautifully renovated and un-HDB looking. Hardwood floors, decorative shelves lining the ceiling, new kitchen, fully air-conditioned. We fell in love with the place the moment we stepped in.

Ooohhh it's so friggin' perfect! We signed the lease on the spot and paid up our rent and deposit right away. We got there early, were the first ones to see the place and told them not to show it to anyone else. We move in 1st October.

I'm not a very easily excitable person, but DAMN! Patrick and I were high-fiveing each other like the dorkiest couple when we left. Go Team Chansidine! (His sister-in-law made us come up with a "team name"). Oh boy. Patrick thinks it's the coolest that we live in "Zion". He associates it with something spiritual. I associate Zion with char kuay teow.

Patrick got our Castro apartment in San Francisco the same way. It was the very first place he viewed when he started searching, and got it right on the spot. And we spent a beautiful year there.

Sometimes, magic happens in the quickest, most uncomplicated way.

The after-party will be at my place. :)
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Life is Good

Zoukout. Dec 4. Paul van Dyk. Timo Mass. Miguel Migs. DJ Jazzy Jeff. 12 hours.

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The Art of Conversation II

As recounted to me by Patrick:

He is crossing the overhead bridge on his way to the swimming pool. An Indian man stops him randomly.

Indian Man: You have a very strange face.
Patrick: Why, thank you. (he stops himself from saying "why, so do you")
Indian Man (looking at him further): You are a happy man. Good things will happen to you this 2 years.
Patrick: Oh really? Thank you.
Indian Man: You are happy. But you are sad as well.
Patrick: Why yes, I do miss my family a little...and I'm sweating like a pig here.

Turns out that he's some fortune teller. He shows Patrick a laminated piece of paper that says so.

Random things do happen to that boy.
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The Art of Conversation

At a cafe:

Patrick: Can I have a coke light please?
Waiter: What?
Patrick: Coke light.
Waiter: Cake? (pointing to cake)
Patrick: No, coKe lighT.
Waiter: Cake?
Patrick: no, as in diet coke!
Waiter: oooohh...coke light.
Patrick: ???
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Finding for a place to rent can be pretty fun. I'm learning more about the streets and districts of Singapore than I have ever known.

Streetdirectory.com.sg is absolutely impressive and invaluable. It was never around previously and I had bemoaned leaving yahoomaps, but man, is the Singapore online street directory exceeding my expectations!
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Out and About

Is it just us or is Singapore coming out of the closet with a vengence?

Walking by us at a Queenstown kopitiam at lunch today is a Malay dude with pimp Michael Jackson sunglasses and a T-shirt with two stick figures, one on its knees (like giving a BJ) with an arrow pointing to it saying "This is You". Patrick wonders if that is legal in Singapore. I don't know. The other day at the HDB estate near Yishun Swimming Complex, a dude was walking in front of me with the tightest bright white tighty-whities (boy-underwear) that cupped half his ass and a black translucent net-material singlet. I'm really not kidding. I was walking behind him wishing I had my camera. You wouldn't get away with any of those in an American suburb. I say, you go boys. But spare us the butt cheeks, really.

We are gonna view a flat right across the street from Zouk at Zion Road on Thurday. It will be scary (in a good way) if we like that place and get it. Wish us luck!
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Treats and Eats

Aside from sweating profusely for most of the day, I think Patrick likes Singapore so far. He just needs to constantly drink something cold. Saturday night was lovely. We went down to Chinatown to catch the Mooncake festivities and came across this hanging in one of the stores along Pagoda Street. G-String wholesale anyone?

Together with a bar with a huge rainbow flag and tight nubile boys, and this 'GAY WAH FLOWER' shop we saw that afternoon, we thought we were back in the Castro again.

We stumbled upon a sign saying "rooftop bar" with $6 beer. We climbed up and emerged in the freakin' coolest rooftop bar, with the view of the city, away from the crowd.

In fact, cos this bar just opened, it was empty when we arrived. Spent the night chatting with the bar owner and a couple who just moved in from NYC. We all agreed that while the bar was lovely, the music he played was shite. Perfect 10 hip-hop (with commercials) blasted from the boombox and gave us a headache after a while. Patrick intends to return with my ipod with a songlist he has chosen and get the bar owner to let him play music there and promote the place for him. It would be a big waste of a great space if it was killed by a clueless boombox.

Zouk was fun. Patrick thought he had died and gone to heaven with the numerous cute Singaporean girls swarming around. Like a kid in a candy store. James Lavelle was pretty good...he's obviously a better producer than a live DJ. His songs (that have been used by the likes of Sasha) are awesome so he was fun to bounce around. But the night was about him merely playing his awesome tracks, not mixing them. Zouk could have saved money by just playing his tracks off a CD. He and James Zabiela lie on polar ends of DJ-ing. Of course then you get masters like Paul Van Dyk that do both (producing and live DJ-ing) incredibly. In any case, he was a B in my books. A large crowd showed up for him though, more so than for Behrouz who was far better. We got back at about 330am, driving by the peak hour crowd at the 24 hour Muslim coffeeshop outside my place. Patrick is fascinated by the fact that there is food everywhere and that Singaporeans seem to be eating -all- the time.

Sunday was spent jostling (true Singapore experience) with the crowds at Orchard. Photos taken included Pat comparing alcohol prices, gaping at the horrendous prices of Haagen Daz, and laughing at what constitutes a "large" Slurpee here (it would have been called an extra-small in America). I told him everything is Kelly-size here.

Dinner with the aunties was great. Relatives that I've not seen for 5 years turned up just to see Patrick. And they prepared this spread for him. Yum!

As he could not really communicate with my Cantonese-speaking Aunties, he spent most of the time watching and cracking up at a gu-zuang serial (drama serials set in the old days where people could fly) with my cousins. It helped that there were English subtitles. It was a mystery murder case where it turned out that the coroner injected semen with a bamboo gadget into a corpse to frame someone for rape. And the characters had names like "Worm" and "Pork Ball". I'm not kidding. Patrick has decided to call me "Pork Ball" from now on. Damn that serial.
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Saturday, September 18, 2004

ChopStick A Fork in You

It'd be fun to document the interesting little experiences Patrick and meet along the way. At Boon Tong Kee, after one waitress put out the bowls of rice and chopsticks, another waitress noticing she had an ang moh customer kindly took out a plate with a fork and a spoon and poked it at Patrick's shoulder. We stared at her blankly for 3 seconds before realizing that she was offering the utensils to him, thinking this ang moh couldn't eat with chopsticks. How nice. Patrick smiled and said no thank you. Then I said "actually, I need", and my mom across the table asked for a set of fork and spoon as well. Turned out this ang moh is more apt at using the chopstick than we are. But it's a common thing at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco where everyone else at my table is non-Asian and they'd be eating efficiently with their chopsticks, while I ask for a fork.

Insightful Patrick calls out as we pass the Ang Mo Kio sign along the PIE, "hey look, my place, Ang Mo!"
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I seriously did not get truly excited till I walked around Terminal 2 by myself, trying to find the arrival hall. I sat down thinking it was gonna be a long wait for him to get through customs with his one-way ticket. He came out earlier than expected. He came with a stream of Germans (his stopover was at Frankfurt), all tall, blond, crew-cut, tight bodies in tight T-shirts, straight-laced...boring. And he walked amongst them, careless about his appearance as always, lanky, crazy brown hair tucked under his baseball cap, over-sized T-shirt and bermudas, sneakers and socks, hugging his big white pillow, and blew a kiss to me across the hall.

And I knew that I'm utterly crazy in love with this man. And he's here with me now.
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Friday, September 17, 2004


So my buddy Teddy tried to make these stamps from this company in America that allows you to customize your stamps. He wanted to send a letter to his friend in China with the first one.

He was rejected due to the "images of political...matters deemed to be inappropriate per our content guidelines".

So I asked him to make a stamp with Eminem Lee and send me a postcard.

He complied.

If this gets printed, it means that this is appropriate per their content guidelines.

So please don't arrest me.
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Thursday, September 16, 2004

44 hours

Patrick departs NYC in just about 24 hours, which means that I'm going to be holding him in just about 44 hours, which means that kellykelly's very happy now.

On another note, I'm supposed to be attending a $200 per head luncheon with some clients today, free flow of sashimi and sake. I'm supposed to be able to hold my alcohol.

I'm screwed.

For those who know me, I cannot drink. I should have taken those plentiful opportunities in the party scene in SF to train my liver. I think I'll ask for green tea today. I work better on a caffeine high. Nothing worse than a wasted banker.
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Welcome to the Cubicle

uh oh...I'm starting to get office humour emails from work buddies. And laughing at them.

Before you know it, I'm gonna be nodding my head to 'Dilbert'.

That's scary.

I've been incorporated.

-Corporate Monkey Kelly.
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Em 'n' Em

This is why I think Talking Cock is brilliant.

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Paraphrased 2

My conversation with Patrick as recounted to my mom:

Me: So what else do you want to do in Singapore?
Pat: ...Pulau Ubin (re: previous post). And I want to see Orchard Hotel and definitely go to Geylang.
Me: Yes, I'm sure you do.
Pat: And I want to go to a hawker center, lahhh...
Me: That will happen.
Pat: And I want to use an EZ-Link card.
Me: Oh, I'm sure you will.

My conversation with Patrick as recounted by my mom to Noeline:

Mummy: ...so he said he wanted to use an EZ-Link card to go to Pulau Ubin.
Me: ???

(So I hate explaining this to non-Singaporeans, cos it's explaining a joke, therefore making it unfunny. So Pulau Ubin is an island off of Singapore. An EZ-Link card is used for the trains and buses that you can't use to get to the islands. The Geylang and Orchard Hotel part is another thing: these are the infamous prostitution areas in Singapore. Pat has obviously done his research.)
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Paraphrased 1

My phone conversation with Patrick:

Me: So what do you want to do when you get to Singapore?
Pat: (clearly after research on his guide books) I want to have a Singapore Sling at Raffles...go to Sungei Buloh...Pussy Payoh...
Me: What?
Pat: Puss...wait...(flips guide book)...Pulau Ubin...
Me: ??
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Queer Fruit

No I'm not talking about Kumar or Hossan.

It's the most curious thing, the situation and the fruit. I've always seen its pink thorny self in supermarket shelves, wondering who'd ever eat such an unappetizing thing. I've seen pieces of its grey flesh at fruit stores, never having tried it nor desired to. And never considered linking grey and the pink together as the same fruit. Hell, I never even knew what it was.

But upon tasting it for the first time last week, I'm hooked. Dragonfruit is quite the appetizing treat. I do not agree with my friend who calls it the "what's-the-point" fruit because she thinks it's tasteless. I don't know what she's been eating, but the ones I've tried are yummy.

That's my current obsession. Another up-and-coming obsession is Gorny's Pumpkin Soup with Broccoli which I keep wanting to re-create in my kitchen. I bought the pumpkin.
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A- for 'Comedy 4 U'

Hallelujah! Singapore does have talent! I was so very scared after god-awful Private Parts...and the few minutes of local TV that I could tolerate. And then Dick Lee's 'The Good Citizen' allowed me some faith. Last night's 'Comedy 4 U' was a ball of fun...unexpectedly.

I did not buy tickets for the show. I was bracing myself for a painful night of William Hung. I was prepared for a night of cringing. Irene Ang came on as hostess of the show with her over-compensating heavy Singlish, and I thought ok lor, it would be one of those shows that might be slightly amusing to me because it's specifically a Singaporean act. It turned out that she would be the main reason for the minus in the A.

Abigal, the freak of Singapore, was hilarious in her (his?...although Kumar later confirmed our un-uttered suspicions later in the show: "By the way, this is a woman". But then again, this is neither man nor boy nor woman Kumar) kookiness. S/he's truly bizarre, and clearly good at it.

Norleena Salim seemed like she was straining a little, with her singing and her act. I think, like the rest of the acts, she was held back by the fact that this was a charity event with no age limit...and her (their) best acts are normally based on raunch.

Selena Tan was uproarious. One of my favorite jokes ran along the lines of: For 5 years, Singapore never showed Sex and the City. Even Malaysia got. Malaysia boleh (translation: kinda like "long live Malaysia")! Singapore...boh-leh (translation: don't have). Then suddenly in August, the government want us to pop out babies, want us to get it on, suddenly, got Sex and the City! I tell you, Singaporeans, tahan a bit more, don't do it now, wait 2-3 more years and get the birth rate down so low...before you know it, we'll have free porn on TV!

Hossan Leong was the biggest surprise. He clearly seeks to be a gay-icon of Singapore now (hello..."Singapore Boy"?), casually throwing in some more-than-. I used to think of him as absolutely annoying on TV, someone I'd like to swat. But goddammit, that boy has got TALENT in a scale that's un-Singaporean. He sang, he dance, he played on the piano, and made us laugh. I'm definitely going to catch him in his new one-man act.

Kumar was clearly the Father of all Singapore Comedy (and not the squeaky clean 'Under One Roof' type, thank you very much). When he walked on stage after William Hung (he was less painful than I expected...especially when he had an entire dance troupe behind him re-enacting his now-classic "She bangs!" fists punched in the air) performed, damn! You felt the stage presence of that (wo)man. You need a lot of talent to walk on the stage silently and have people know you are there. He's the ultimate diva for sure. I love his jibes at the Chinese in Singapore ("Singapore's not a racist country. Its just racist."), as well has his self-depracating Indian/transsexual jokes. You could call him a Singapore style Chris Rock-cum-Eddie Izzard I'd love to catch his act at the Boom Boom Room sometime soon.

Political jesting was certainly the highlight of the show. Much of the amusement comes from, sadly, the fact that Singaporeans have been taboo-ed themselves for a looooong time by OB markers vis-a-vis our gahmen that any public mention of the government is *gasp* shocking *gasp* I can't believe he dared to say that *gasp*! Hence, like a kid stealing a piece of candy, there was a gleeful pleasure of doing something wrong and enjoying it, and wondering if we'd get caught. Well, enjoy it we did. I hope the gah-men will realize that this (amongst of course, other facts e.g. me being a female could get a scholarship to study at Berkeley and hold a great job now and not have to wear a veil), being able to laugh at my own leaders and country, is what makes me proud of my nation, not Stand Up For Singapore anthems.

But after a while, the political jesting, if allowed to continue and flourish, will cease becoming a novelty. The same jokes being said on stage now will then be regarded by our audience as ho-hum, as standards of comedy change. Maybe that's why Private Parts sucks-ass now...I heard it was such a *gasp*-worthy bravado to talk about trannies in Singapore 10 years ago that people were distracted from the lack of talent in the production. Only when the political jokes stop becoming a novelty can true talent really shine. So the key is to just let it go, continue and flourish, and pleeeease don't push these talents overseas. The brilliant Talking Cock website is hosted by a Singaporean based in New York. I could only watch Royston Tan's brilliant '15' in San Francisco. Norleena Salim's already migrated to Australia. Hossan Leong is twittering towards Australia. Die, lah. If they all go, then we only have vapid cute-sy talentless acts featured in 8-Days left.

To keep the talent, you need to let them run free. And then, Mr Gah-men, only then can we create vibrant "Uniquely Singapore" you want.

For now, though, this will suffice to entertain me. Thumbs up for Singapore comedy.
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Sunday, September 12, 2004

B+ for 'The Good Citizen'

I watched Dick Lee's 'The Good Citizen' yesterday and was duly impressed. I don't quite agree with this bad review. I thought the plot was engaging, and the characters interesting (re: spoiler below). The acting was good...although anything in Singapore that does not make you cringe will be considered good by my standards. Zahim Albakri was a delight to watch. At the end of it, I must say that the play exceeded my expectations, only because I went in with such low ones. Private Parts was so bad that I was traumatized and depressed with Singapore theatre. I'm hopeful now. That bears badly on the next one I see because it'll be harder to impress me the next time round.

When I like a play (or any book, movie, etc), it's usually because it had touched me, struck a chord in me somewhere personal. What hit me with this play was the last scene where Cynthia snaps and maniacally packs to leave her life. She yells at her teenage daughter "you told me to fuck off. Ok lah! I'm leaving you now!" How many of us in our immature anger at our parents tell them to leave us alone. How many of us would be happy if they granted us that wish?
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Went with some Berkeley pals to watch Dick Lee's "The Good Citizen" yesterday. While we were waiting around after lunch, we stumbled upon the Singapore Print Institute, an obscure place that we'd otherwise not visit. I love unplanned stumble-upons like this. Thankfully, I brought Kelph too!

This one was my favorite.

I got a picture with it.

For some reason I liked this too.

Sometimes, we no-car Singaporeans have the MRT-disease: we (or at least me and my friends) seldom venture out of the vicinity of a 1km radius around an MRT, or anywhere linked to an MRT via air-conditioned walkways...even if it requires just a 2-3 bus-stop ride. Robinson Quay is an example. I say, break out of that MRT boundary and explore!
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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Filial Piety

I had believed that my life had settled on an inner peace and strength. Then, I find an emotional Archilles Heel that trips me up. Then I remember just how I have yet to mature into that which I want to be.

Then I scramble to find my 'Mill on the Floss' (George Eliot). That first passage Mr P talked about in class. 5 years ago, Mr P told us how we'd find moments in our lives where we'd scramble to find that one passage that would soothe us or comprehend us. I scrambled. And got that quote that simplified my contradictions:

A wide plain where the broadening Floss hurries on between its green banks to the sea, and the loving tide, rushing to meet it, checks its passage with an impetuous embrace.

It may be wrongful or a misinterpretation of my own feelings. But the tight embrace of my loving tide does feel like a check on my passage. And the guilt that arises from that feeling kills me. Because it's not a hate, or even worse, an indifference, that I'm angry at, but love. And I'm at a lost at how to best deal with it.
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Thursday, September 09, 2004


Only with my ex-RJ classmates can I have a 3 hour dinner/chat session consisting of topics as varied as:
Three-somes, the death penalty, sex, drugs, appendicitis, Bush-Kerry politics, 80-20 Gay/Straight Ratio, tissue paper booking*, Lee Hsien Long, mahjong, lie-detector tests, porn, moving heavy cabinets, anime porn, secret singapore goverment agencies we have never heard of, unprecedentedly big penises on screen, etc.

* So there is this amazing phenomenon arising in Singapore. It apparently arose during the time I was away, because I only see it prevalent today. Singaporean treat tissue paper as a sacred mark of territory. When you are at a food court/hawker center that's really crowded, there can be one beautiful empty table at the horizon. You rush to it. But upon approaching, you notice packets of tissue paper being put nicely at every seat or on the table.This mean that the table/seat is reserved!
Through some strange societal consensus, we Singaporeans have apparently agreed that tables marked with tissue packets are sacred, not to be touched.
Yuping, who upon just returning home thought she lucked out with an empty table at a crowded hawker center and thought "wah, got free tissue somemore!", finds it an insult to have your rights to a seat overthrown by a packet of tissue paper.
Darryl, on the other hand, sees it as a sign of a refined society, where we don't need to scramble and shove for seats, nor do we even need an unnecessary human friend to "chope" the seats for us while we go buy our food, nor do we need to (like in my old school days) risk our bags to reserve the spot. All you need today is a small tiny packet of tissue. There is a tacit understanding in our refined culture that it's first-come-first-put-tissue-paper-first-sit. Pretty cool.


Oh wow, I did a little research online...and I found the origins of the Tissue Paper Phenomenon!!
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Eat and Fit

It felt kinda good to be chilling out at Somerset Coffee Club (I love the architecture) indulging in our wasabi mayonnaise prawn salad, soft-shell crab pasta, smoked salmon pasta, fish and chips, tiramisu and oriental creme brulee directly under California Fitness Gym where you can see an entire row of panting puffers just above you.

I used to go to the gym. I loved working out at the campus gym where it was just...working out. But I hate Gym Culture, especially California Fitness Center ones--the working out on display behind glass windows in the busiest part of town. And it's just too expensive. It cost me US$35 a semester back at Berkeley. It costs more than that per month to get a gym membership here. *phht* I'd rather pay S$1.30, splishsplash at the community swimming pools outdoors with the un-yuppie kids/aunties/uncles, and get a tan while I'm at it.
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Man-made Glacier

Patrick calls me at an ungodly hour of 4am from Iceland. He spent the day on a glacier, chatting with other tourists who have been to Singapore who all warned him about the heat.

Hence, Happy Birthday, my beautiful boyfriend! Your gift for this year is centralized air-conditioning I will install at our new flat before you arrive.

Welcome to Air-Con Nation.
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Cheers, Kellog 2.0!

Hurrah! It works, it works! At least on my screen, it works! 'Twasn't a template problem at all. Turned out that my Aug 14th entry had a too long word (when I was trying to describe how new dates spoke all the time not letting a single word through) that caused the left bar to expand too much.

I really love the fact that my permalinks work. Then I can be further narcissistic and refer back to my own posts now!

Next stop, to set up links to other blogs and pages I visit....

Oh glory, it works!
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Test Run

Ok, I think I know what the problem is...but I can't friggin' get blogger to republish my site. Let's see if this post works. Test Test Testes.
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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

So Much To Do

I'm impressed by the constant stream of to-dos in Singapore. I'd be attending the following. If you are in Singapore and interested, lemme know.

1. Dick Lee's "The Good Citizen" (Sept 11)
Planning to catch the Saturday matinee.

2. Music Box 04 (Sept 11)
I don't know which of this I'm gonna be attending. Probably follow what Michelle recommends, since she recommended this event.

3. Comedy 4 U (Sept 12)
Ok, ok...I did NOT get tickets for this show. My father got us tickets thinking Patrick would be back in time to watch this Singapore comedy fest with us. I'm hoping the Singapore comedy acts will be good enough to make up for the likely painful "She Bangs".

4. 4th Asian Film Symposium (Sept 14-18)
I wanna go watch as many films from this as possible. I'm looking for mates to go with.

5. The Visit of the Tai Tai (Oct 21-30)
Since I missed the last recommended Wild Rice production, this one looks interesting. And I think I get a corporate discount too.

Ok, now I really need to go back to the figures.
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Title Test

I'm gonna change the style of my title. Test test. Boy, I really like playing around with this thing.

Anyone else can help me out with this layout problem? My profile drops to the end of the page where it should appear on top.

Ok, back to spreading financial spreadsheets. Spread spread spread...say the word many times and after a while it doesn't make anymore sense.

I'm liking it though.
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Monday, September 06, 2004

A New Era

Wow. Welcome to a new era of Kellog. Whoo hoo!

Wow, again. Damn, blogger sure does make it easy to do this. Dammit, it's addictive. I told myself I'd sleep early tonight. Looks like I'm gonna be playing around with it for a bit.

I'm gonna tweak around with the colors a little bit so that it looks similar to the old one. I'm a fan of "brand blogs". There are some blogs where the owners get over-enthusiastic re-vamping their site every too often. Your eyes get so used to a blog with a certain style after a while you associate their blog with that color scheme, that font style. I kinda like my traditional Kellog style. I'm gonna keep it.

I took this template from this sample. It was the closest I could get to the old style, but the pink was just too yuck, so I took that out. A few changes to come.

Oooo...a profile option!

Oooo...you can even email a post you like to a friend.

Oooo...I'm going to stay up tonight! Technology makes me so happy!

Look out! A Kellog 2.0 in the horizon!
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Sunday, September 05, 2004


I don't like the way my blog is looking. And now that blogger has put up this toolbar across it slices away my Kellog sign. Geez....I need help re-vamping this site!
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It's kinda strange to see the balmy, calm, quiet place known as West Palm Beach, Florida which I have visited thrice in the past year on the news being pounded by Hurricane Frances. Much love to all my lovelies in Florida who are waiting for the storm to blow over. I'd be freaking out, given my morbid fear of thunderstorms. Patrick and his mom are in Iceland right now, a pre-planned trip that occurred just as Frances hit. Lucky them.

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It Could Have Been 35,666

We even bought our $200 tickets. But we sold them off cos I had to come back earlier to start work.

Burning Man 2004.

You'd think I'd be a wretched wreck being in Singapore and looking at financial statements instead. Strangely, I don't feel like I'm missing out at all. The partying life kinda lost its novelty after a while. It used to be new. Refer to sunset swingers glorious dolores (now that I have a proper working archive).

Now, working feels invigorating and real. That's my novelty of the moment. I'm picking up stuff everyday and I love that feeling. When I finish my contract 6 years later, it might be time for me to pack up and travel the world, teaching English along the way to earn enough money to get to the next place. Oh, the dreams, the dreams.

It woulda have been fun though. Someday, I'll attend BM. Or an equivalent. It seems to have blown into something pretty commercial already.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Economist, $390,000 poorer

Now, how did they (the Lees) manage that?

Whoooo boyyy...et tu, The Economist?
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To Read

I have read her for a while and she just consistently impresses me more and more with her talent. I don't know who this girl is, but I want her to write a novel someday. Her style is a cross over a Nabokov, a Zadie Smith and a Rushdie (more 'Fury' Rushdie, less 'Midnight's Children' Rushdie). And she's ridiculously young for her intellect. Check out her writing from her high school days. Gee whiz.

Go check Technicolor out.

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