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Monday, November 29, 2004

Diggin' Diggers

John Digweed performed as expected on Saturday. He was spot on, paced us well, threw in outstanding mixes, took advantage of the sound system, and threw me into a complete trance. He didn't quite connect with the crowd the way Tenaglia did though, in fact he hardly glanced up at us, but oh well, not everyone can be a Tenaglia and truly, they are different artists good for different things.

But that lack of connection certainly made it harder to forget hunger and fatigue the way I did at Tenaglia, as wonderful as the music was. I had to leave just after 5am, which was disappointing because I so wanted to close him out. Oh well.
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Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Incredible Incredibles

The hype is true. I think the Incredibles is as close to the perfect movie as you can get in its category of good ol' family fun. It's uproarious, sweet, so entertaining, intelligent, creative, and just all round good fun. I just love the dah-ling Edna Mode. My only only complaint is that they should have taken out Frozon. I liked his character, but it felt like they had to edit out a bunch of his scenes to fit the movie into the 2 hour zone. Hence, his character seemed redundant and reduced him to the token black guy.
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Friday, November 26, 2004

Uh Oh...

Macroeconomics is fascinating. Kinda like radio waves. All this stuff is spinning round our world and ebbing and flowing under us every day of which we all are part of yet most of us are oblivious to it. Kinda like working for a bank without any finance background (i.e. me): it's fascinating as hell to realize that our world is one big Vegas with stocks and options and hedge funds and blah blah blah stuff all circling around our daily lives that's in everything we do, whenever we pay to eat or sleep with a roof above us. Whatever you see in those business news where there's a gazillion and one things going on, numbers scrolling in 3 different speeds below, pop ups, captions on top, news flashes. Yeah, it's kinda like that.

From The Economist's 'The Dollar's Demise':
The upward pressure on Asian countries’ currencies stems either from their saving too much and consuming too little, or from America saving too little and spending too much. American politicians, naturally, tend to concentrate on the first interpretation, because it stops them having to recommend unpleasant remedies, such as cutting deficits or encouraging Americans to save more...In effect, foreigners are saving on America’s behalf. In a recent study...the United States now absorbs more than the measured net saving of the rest of the world combined...The American economy cannot continue to expand at its current rate without those foreign savings...

At the heart of the (Asian) central banks’ calculations is a trade-off: intervening to keep your currency down can be costly, but it is good for exports. Though the costs of intervention are hard to quantify, they are potentially big. Because the domestic money supply is expanded—those dollars must be paid for with something—it can cause inflation (though this can be neutralised through “sterilisation”, ie, bond sales). But the big potential cost is in amassing a huge stash of dollars with precious little exit strategy. Quite simply, Asian central banks now own too many of them to exit en masse, for their exit would cause the dollar to crash and American interest rates to soar, which would cause huge losses on their holdings of Treasuries.

So the uh-oh comes from the fact that:
...for Singapore, the most extreme example, a 10% appreciation against the dollar and other reserve currencies would lead to a currency capital loss of 10% of GDP.

Economic game theorists would have a field day with this one:
The incentives to flee the Asian cartel (to give it its proper name) thus increase the bigger the game becomes. Why take the risk that another central bank will leave you carrying the can? Better to get out early. Because the game is thus so unstable it will come to an end, and probably a messy one. And what will then happen to the dollar? It is hard to imagine its hegemony remaining unchallenged when so many will have lost so much. And doubly so given that America has abused the dollar’s reserve-currency role so egregiously that its finances now look more like those of a banana republic than an economic superpower.
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Some Kind of Art

My artistic ability is so next to nil that I spent the last 5 minutes wondering how to describe my utter lack of artistic ability and came up only with this sentence. I'm not even a plausible art critic, having not much taste i.e. having such dubious confidence in my own choices. I only know how to categorize art into I love/I like/I don't like; respectively: I want to stare at it all day long/It's nice/What?

By my definition then, I sure as hell love looking at the "I love" category. Notwithstanding the kind of art you see in say Musee d'Orsay in Paris (my favorite museum experience of all time. Of course, I can't explain why, but I just remember spending 6 glorious hours just staring at things), I see a couple of stuff here and there in everyday life (especially the cafe scene in San Francisco) that I would love to have at home. Those serendipitous meeting with "I love" art comes only once in a while.

One of the "I love" art was actually done by Jules. We had dinner over at Alex&Jules' place a couple of months ago and she had a simple painting she did up in the living room, and I spent the entire dinner distracted by the painting cos I love it. I wanted to buy it. She said she'd do a customized one for me as a house warming gift. Jules, if you are reading this, I'm still waiting for my gift. ;p

Another one was at a Thai restaurant down by the Temasek building. I loved it when I saw it. It was for sale. It could very well be the first piece of art I'm gonna buy in Singapore...stay tuned.

Another one is this one I scrolled by at Red Sea Gallery, by an artist called Tran Kiet.

But unless someone is intending to buy me a $800 Christmas present, I'm not gonna be able to buy it anytime soon. Luckily this $7,000 one that I would really really love to have in my home and stare at all day is already sold. Or Santa's gonna be really hard pressed this year.

If I were to be a millionairess, preferably billionairess, I don't envision a life of the big diamonds, fashion shows, big houses to feature on MTV's Cribs, bitches and hos, or yaughts to snort coke on off the coast of Miami. I can see myself jetting off (private jet of course) to exotic places in the world in search for art to add to my collection, which would be displayed...oh wait, maybe I'd get a big house to feature the art in the documentary on my life, a la Lars Ulrich's collection as featured in Some Kind of Monster.
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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Rah Rah RAS!

Man, there is just so much to say about this that I don't even know where to start!

First, we actually have a Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS)!
Second, they give out Happy Toilet awards, ranked by stars!
Third, "It's not just about cleanliness but about ergonomics"!
Singapore - A petrol station that turned its bathroom into a "refreshroom" received the Restroom Association of Singapore's "Happy Toilet" award, the RAS said on Tuesday.

The Caltex station's spick and span facilities feature automatic activation of the flush, soap, sink and hand dryer.

The station is the first in the transportation sector to receive the five-star designation by Singapore's crusaders for clean public toilets. Assuring toilets are clean, airy and devoid of odour is just the beginning.

"It's not just about cleanliness but about ergonomics," said RAS founder and president Jack Sim. "For example, a shorter distance from the sink to the dryer means less water splattered on the floor."

The toilets at the station are inspected every hour. - Sapa-dpa

So we were having dinner with Emily and Rutherford* last night having a conversation about my dear country as usual. Emily and I are of the same sort. We love this country dearly, but just as much there is that endears us, there is more that fascinates, shocks, scares us. As the conversation tumbled along, and as we casually flip through the day's papers simultaneously, I spluttered at this article (a more hilarious version in yesterday's Streats, I must add, but I couldn't find it online), and read it aloud, while the rest of us gaped. I'm dying for Talking Cock to write something up about this.

My country is run like a primary school. We have campaigns telling us to "wash your hands thoroughly, cover your mouth while you sneeze", there are roadshows at Great World City telling you about "Responsible Pet Ownership", and every fucking campaign heavily uses cutesy CARTOONS to pass on the Message.

The conversation was duly pitted between the Americans (Rutherford and Patrick) who can see with clear detachment the insaneness of their policies (granted, Patrick complains as much about Californian/Floridian/American politics and society as he does about Singapore), and the Singaporeans (Emily and I) who have probably been brainwashed and benefitted enough from this nation that we have to struggle to question ("the problem with this country," said Emily "is that so much of it seems to make sense"); at the same time, we struggle loving it simply and wholeheartedly because this country sure ain't simple and wholesome.

In the end, it is a paternalistic state, because the frustrations we feel in this country is like the frustrations we feel with our own parents: there's always a guilt attached to it because we are products of them, without whom we'd never have been, and for whom we should eternally be thankful for whatever we have (we must admit, we are fortunate well-educated, well-looked after, well-traveled, well-etc)...because at least we aren't starving or made to wear a veil or barred from education, or fearing for our lives, or etc..., right?

* We will be screening their video Andy Forever on Saturday night pre-Digweed party at our place (9-ish). Come by and check it out.
* Check out their exhibition (scroll down to 5a) at Tanjong Pagar MRT (tunnel towards Temasek) before it goes on 28 Novemeber.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Craigslist LAH!

Whoohoo. Craigslist, the place where I sold my car, rented my apartments, bought books from, etc makes it to Singapore.

Although its success is tied to the quality and willingness of the users. Given Singapore's tiny area, you'd think that online e-baying/craigslisting would be more popular than it is.
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Monday, November 22, 2004

My Niche!

Danny Tenaglia @ Zouk 830am 6Nov04

We just received this photo. Now, this is the kind of clubbing I'm talking about =), not fuckin' CrApttica!

Danny was chatting with us, doing repeated encores. Forgot to mention that he played a kick-ass jazzy-type Thriller remix in one of his encores as requested by Patrick who's hair poofed to phenomenal heights by 830am.
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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Moving outta MS

Great. I have been waiting for Hotmail to increase my email space for a year. I was stuck with a pathetic 2mb, while Gmail held 500 times more than that. But I staved off switching because I loved the layout on hotmail, all my contacts were there, the usual inertia stuff. Then I couldn't take it anymore and did the switch. Now I'm happy with Gmail, getting used to the features, and sending in as much feedback as possible so that when they finally open to the public, they will have the features I like. A week after I did the switch (forwarded my emails, uploaded my contacts, etc), Hotmail bestows upon me 250mb of space. Great. Too late.

I've been recently convinced by my brother to do the Firefox switch too. I've begun using Firefox because I like the layout better, and the newly released version is far better than the beta version I used. Haven't seen any significant differences though, other than the fact that they make it so easy for IE users to make the switch, which means that they make themselves real similar to IE in the first place. But am convinced by my brother's raves about it so we'll see.

In any case, I'm not one of those uber anti-Bill Gates Apple user sort. I'm of the fickle consumer sort where as long as you make me happy, I'd patronize. It does seem though, that Microsoft is starting to slack and get beat to its balls. Time will tell. For now, still, Microsoft is still huge...and I still need to keep IE around because some pages still don't friggin' show on Firefox. Grrr.
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Freak Show

The thing about Patrick's cat is that you either love him or hate him. Initial responses to him range from complete silence (i.e. gaping in disbelief) to laughter.

Ken had a classic first impression of Fat Cat:
There was an enormous cat at Kelly's place (owned by Patrick, I hasten to add). It would put Garfield to shame. This was like the mother of all fat cats. In fact, I thought it was severely pregnant, until Patrick told me that it was a he. How did it get to this size? I don't know, but when it attempted to eat my hand I started to get a pretty clear idea. I was reassured that this was its way of being friendly. My hand was not anywhere near the cat's mouth for the rest of the evening.

Here's a tribute to Graciela, seen here stoned on cat nip by his scratch tower.

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Fever Pitch

Being so intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically in tune with Patrick, I phish-tosh at the train of thought that man are from Mars and women from Venus.

Every once in a while though, I do believe that we are from different planets. That occurs when the topic of sports is on. He woke up early today to follow the Florida-Florida State game (he's from the former). Spent oodles of time chatting on the phone with his buddies. My brother gave him a play-by-play description on MSN. My brother's another sports fanatic with whom I spent agonizing childhood days quarelling over the TV (I wanted Disney World, he wanted World of Sports), which led to us being banned from TV by our father. Patrick was bemoaning the fact that he couldn't watch the game in Singapore, desperately trying to find some crazy bar that would open at 9am to telecast it (*phht* yeah right!). Right now, he's rooted to watching some soccer game on TV, after spending some time whooping and yelling at his college team's win, forcing me to yell with him "Go Gators!" Then I get emails from friends proclaiming that Berkeley has got Stanford beat in the Big Game. Oh yay, hurrah, etc.

I must add that this passion and lack thereof cannot be entirely marked male vs female. Patrick's darling ol' grandmother is as much of a fanatic on college football as he is. I know some male friends that couldn't give a flying fuck who won what. While most of them are of the non-macho variety, we know of a very gay man whose complete passion with sports makes me suspect he's a closet straight (...well, maybe not).

Ultimately, I must be on a different planet as the sports phreaks. Because I am completely clueless to the root of those emotions stirred by their favorite sports teams...even after reading Fever Pitch.
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Saturday, November 20, 2004

CrApTtica aka TwAttica (for Mich)

- A Rant. You have been warned.


ATTICA! My worst clubbing experience EVER!

Jon wanted to go there for his birthday, Dave Seaman was spinning, and c'mon, we should be going out somewhere other than Zouk. So in all good faith, I swallowed my prejudices about that place because all I knew about it was what I heard and what I saw online and in magazines. Just by its website, it deserves a roll of the eyes.I just want to LAUGH looking at their gallery. It was the "hippest place to be", the beautiful people, and all that jazz. It symbolized what I tend to hate about certain clubs, where people went there to "see and be seen".

So we got there first to stand in line for our birthday buddy who was behind dragging his other friends along from Boat Quay. It was a poseur long line just to show how 'exclusive' the club is, with another entrance for "guest list" people. People coming up to the door man going "oh, remember me?" people waving to their friends "we're in, we're in" while they keep a line outside for appearances. We get to the front of the line and Jon wasn't there yet, so we kept letting people through, already telling the bouncers at the front that we had 5 more people joining us and we were in line on behalf of them. About half an hour later, the rest of our group show up, profusely thanking us being the considerate lovelies they were. So we tell the door person our party was here. We waited another 10 minutes at the front of the line. They then proceeded to tell us "oh, the security guy says you can go in, but only 3 first, then 4." As they speak, they were letting 10 people walk in through the "guest list" line. Fucking bullshit! So I snapped, having fumed at the annoying line for the past 35mins watching their bullshit...and now having to deal with it because they wanted us to go in mini-groups? If it was an airport and there was a security reason why we cannot go in a bunch of 7, I could understand. But not when it's all for their random elitist bullshit. So after yadda yadda yadda, we finally all go in, and it was exactly the twat ville I expected it to be (and I was really trying to be positive, really!). People were just standing around, all gleeful at being in this place to be seen. Jon and pals bought a bottle of champagne and we all gave him a toast and while all of us hated the place, we toasted to having a great time by ourselves.

Then, we headed to another entrance because it was announced that Dave Seaman was spinning upstairs. There were NO signs telling you what was going on. And there was a massive STAMPEDE by the narrow entrance to the stairs because NOW they say there's a cover of $28. Helllll no! No one told us at the door where you had to already by a compulsary first drink! And there was this little inconspicuous auntie standing there selling the tickets, when everyone was looking around confused. And as people complained about the price and stampede, the doorman was saying something like "it's raining. There's another door by the side." which we took it as ok, so it's raining therefore the other entrance was closed hence the stampede here. People were standing around chugging their drinks because they were told they couldn't bring their drinks outside. Half of our crew paid and went up, while me, Patrick and Marnie were indignantly determined not to let any money pass our hands with this mis-management. While I was being elbowed and shoved and stampeded by these supposedly beautiful people, I swore I never saw so many ugly personalities ever. It was like that scene in Devil's Advocate where all the beautiful women turned into monsters.

For some reason, Marnie and Patrick walked away around the back and pulled me along and voila! There was a 2nd entrance, completely empty!! Now, why wasn't any sign that told people that?? And fuming as we were, we stormed in and the guard said something along the lines of "Are you on the guest list?". Marnie went "yeah yeah we are on Emily's list" or something to that extent. And we walked right through. Suckers! Nothing feels better than pulling one over people you can't stand.

So we get up there, and it was nice for a while with nice music. Then more people started pouring in, and before you knew it, I was being pushed and shoved around, getting hit on by every twat who gets it easy from girls who like the attention. Cunts were pushing their way about like they were all that; dickheads getting in your face like they were all that. Birds of feather flock together, eh? The worst thing about this kinda place is that people (aside from a precious few in the middle of the dancefloor) don't really go there to dance. They constantly walk about, to be seen and to seek new prey. So as you are dancing, you keep having idiots shoving by you walking up and down. I just wanted to yell what are you doing????

And the fun really started when people got wasted drunk. I was gropped, pushed, had broken glass fall into my shoe. Patrick waited 20 minutes to get his change back from the bar which had only ONE cashier handling the money. More guys were hitting on me right in front of him. A couple of girls kept flirting with him tugging at his hair, and he kept swatting their hands away like flies. After I left (I had left early because I thought I would explode otherwise; and he stayed because it was Jon's birthday), they continued doing so even after he told them to stop, until he had to grab Amy and pretend she was his girlfriend and yell at them "stop it! this is my girlfriend! you are annoying me!" At some point, Patrick and I could only look at each other and laugh incredulously, like "who are these horrible people??" I seriously could not believe anyone there could actually be having fun. How do you tolerate this, and why do you go back? To get hit on by twats? To get laid by cunts? To be hopefully phototaken by a magazine, or haha, their website???

And you can call me a biased Zoukette, but in the many times I've been to Zouk, their management has been nothing but top-notch and professional. They treat their customers as such...as customers who pay them money for a service and product. Take notes on how to treat your customers, Attica. I will not be push and shoved around and be one of their poster children. Unfortunately, there are too many twats out their masochistic enough who do. At Zouk, the people I meet there are largely friendly and out there to dance their asses off, and more often I get asked to dance by cool ass chicks (not lesbians either) than guys. And I hardly have to deal with twats trying to pick me up in a disrespectful way. I'm sure that there are poseur people there, but there's a substantial enough crew of cool ass motherfuckers for me to ignore the twats.

There are clubs like Attica that all over the place, all over the world. I christian them the "beautiful people clubs". You see them in North Beach, San Francisco, LA, Miami, NYC, etc. And last night reminded me why I avoid them like a plague, and cower either in underground clubs or the "sooperaverclubs" like 1015, Zouk, where people go there to rave and have fun and dance with anyone and everyone. And I don't think I'm the only one. That's why you would never ever see me in the line for Velvet Underground. I have stepped in there a couple of times, only to run out screaming for my life. The pretentiousness was toxic. At least I've never seen a fucking stampede there.

Spare me the elitist bullshit, CrApTica. Clubs like you will always exist, and will always be popular. I understand there will always always be a major portion of clubbing culture that's all about what you represent. Thank god for you. I love the free market and the niches it creates. You can then lure more twats away from the clubs that suit my niche. The people who go there certainly deserve to be pushed and shoved and be treated like shit by the management and by their own kind.
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Friday, November 19, 2004

Swing Singapore

In a couple of hours, I will be cutting my overdue hair as recommended by Michelle and Ken (make me Beautiful! make me Beautiful!). The latter of whom I met on the now legendary Sasha* night where I met a few ex-Berkeley buddies outside Zouk, invited them over for drinks, and before I knew it, friends of friends of friends turned up, some of whom, like Ken, I met for the first time only to discover they were friends with some friends of mine. It was great. We love spontaneous parties as such. It's a Small Singapore too...be careful of who you offend I say. As we trotted out to the club, Karen announces that she needs more alcohol and promptly led our gang (20+) to the trunk of her SUV at an empty parking lot with coolers, loads of alcohol and party cups. We had a lad from London with us that was coming to Sasha in Singapore alone that Patrick met over the internet and invited to join us. He looked incredulously at the gang and exclaimed "...and I thought I was partying alone tonight!"

Being probably the only one who didn't drink that night, I could appreciate the Asian Flush Galore popping around me. It tickled me to realize as well that a majority of those redfaced rascals there were government scholars, the future leaders of our nation. People! Action! Party!

*while the night was legendary, Sasha certainly wasn't. For most of the night I stood around trying to dance and getting annoyed at Sasha's complete lack of interaction with his audience. I kept wishing for Danny Tenaglia, and wondered how he managed to move and groove me almost effortlessly for 8 hours, while I yearned for Sasha to pick up all night. The only time it was good was when he played his pre-produced popular tracks at the end of the night. He was clueless about reading what his audience wants. Bah. Hope Dave Seaman at Attica tonight will be better.

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I wanted to put up a few posts about Thailand, write snappy comments to snapshots I took, elucidate on my thoughts on her society and culture, etc. But I have been floored by a horrid case of Gastroenteritis aka gastric flu, which is cannot seem to avoid whenever I travel around Asia. I thought I escaped it this time round, but for some reason it hit me 2 days after I returned. It wasn't a terrible case where I had to vomit and poop water. It was more like an annoying bug. It gave me waves of fever and body aches, and made me feel exhausted for no reason. It made me feel nauseous and indigested whenever I ate, yet was not enought to stave me from being hungry...so I was hungry yet couldn't eat, but ate because I was hungry, then couldn't digest, yet couldn't poop because I had no diarrhoea, so ultimately the food just sat there and made a burping machine out of me. No, I wasn't an attractive sight and yes, it was a shitty feeling.

On the silver lining, I had a special man make me lemongrass tea when I got home from work, cook me dinner, burp me, and watch pirated DVDs with me. Speaking of which, Shrek 2 the 2nd time viewing is absolutely wonderful; we have repeated Chicago and sang and dance to the soundtrack at least 4 times since we returned; watched SuperSize Me which made me happy I haven't eaten McDs for at least 5 years;...we have about 5 more movies to watch. Hurrah piracy! Although, you know what? If Singapore would stop its darn censoring of everything and had a good Netflix system, I wouldn't support piracy as much.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hello, I'm a Book and Language Snob

It's one of those posts that I have so much to write about everything else (Bangkok, pre-Sasha party, Sasha Sucks) that I am writing about entirely something else.

Took this quiz linked from Michelle's (who seems to be connected to everyone new I meet lately...more later) site.
You speak eloquently and have seemingly read every
book ever published. You are a fountain of
endless (sometimes useless) knowledge, and
never fail to impress at a party.
What people love: You can answer almost any
question people ask, and have thus been
nicknamed Jeeves.
What people hate: You constantly correct their
grammar and insult their paperbacks.

What Kind of Elitist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well. Sounds like an exaggerated version because I wish I were a fountain of endless knowledge (thought not "useless"...but who deems what knowledge is useful anyway?), and I am bad with grammar myself, and I certainly ain't Jeeves. I have insulted people's paperbacks before. Laughing about Yuping's cheesy romance novels back in those JC days comes to mind. But that girl has an intellect far beyond my reach, so that doesn't count. It was not 'insulting', more like 'incredulous teasing'.

I kinda just like reading loads because I don't have any discernable talent to fall back on.
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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Off We Go

Was gonna write about Resfest. I had fun. But a little disappointed, probably because my expectations rose too high, and Singapore got the condensed version. This year, Cinema Electronica (music videos) was far more captivating to me than the Resfest Shorts--of which Oedipus (the Greek tragedy told with vegetables. Oedipus was a potato. His father was a broccoli and his mother was a tomato)and The Mood (get angry and let the ugly mood bleed into everyone you touch) were my favs. Lots misses with those hits though. At the end of it, we met some great folks that brought Resfest in, spoke to the kool-kooky Oedipus director and the Resfest organizer, got hooked up with free tix to all the shows from Chronos as well as free tix to the Resfest parties, of which Danny Tenaglia was one of. I can't complain.

...Off to Bangkok. Tonight. Be back on Sunday. In time for Sasha. Happy Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa, folks.
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Monday, November 08, 2004

Music Is The Answer

Danny F**king Tenaglia! Whoooo Yeahhh!!!

I'm gonna chalk Saturday night/Sunday morning up as one of my Top 3 clubbing nights...the other two being Digweed in LA, NYE03/04 and Paul Van Dyk in Miami.

Danny Tenaglia raised the bar on what it means to be a DJ that not only spins music, but gives you a true experience. At midnight, when we entered the club, he had the club rocking. I've not seen that kinda crowd (not only volume, but spirit) at Zouk ever. By 2am, people were just warming up. By 4am, with the crowd thinning slightly, Tenaglia, who was dancing along with us like crazy, playing with his 2 torchlights, and making occasional speeches with the mike, goes "ok now, we have filtered those people out...this is where the party starts". By 6am, I forgot about looking at my watch. By the time he stopped playing at 815am, after an hour of "encores", I was rocked. Danny came down to the dancefloor and danced around with the dozen or so of us still up and bouncing. He signed T-shirts, autographed flyers and took a group shot with us.

Danny Tenaglia is famous for taking his audience on a journey. He loves to challenge his crowd with a 'let's see how much you can dance, and how much I can keep you dancing' game. I took up the challenge...and he definitely kept me on my toes and took me on a ride. He encapsulates the kind of clubbing that I feel truly passionate about. I don't want the fancy-schmancy clubs, and screw the dorks and bitches all about exclusivity and tacking picking-up games. Just give me a great night of music and a great crowd that's all about dancing with everyone and anyone.

And that's what happened that night. So thank you Danny, thank you the people I met at the club, and thank you the Zouk staff who were (mostly) professional and so nice and know how to service their customers that pay their salary (compared to the idiotic bouncers in most clubs elsewhere who like to put on that dickhead veneer of exclusivity). Except for that idiot that fiercely took away the bottle of water (it's just WATER!) that I brought into the club because I ain't paying $5 for a tiny bottle of Evian. I know, I know, I'm cheap...for a person so enthused about clubbing, I sure am an unprofitable client cos I don't drink, and I usually don't pay to get into clubs....shhh...but my boyfriend drinks enough for the both of us...as does our alcoholic nation, so I ain't feeling guilty on riding on those vices.
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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Living Poor, Voting Rich

Understanding the Paradox.

Mr John said:
The Democrats were the "Party of the People" and the Republicans were the "Party of Big Business and the Wealthy"...for most of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's...So what the right wing did: they painted a new landscape in which there are "Authentic Americans" who love our country" versus "liberals who would divide us"; John Edwards speaking of the great divide between the upper 1% of the most affluent and the average common man was "the liberals dividing our great nation...'class warfare' so typical of the Democrats," as the Republicans successfully charged. Rather than vote the obvious pocketbook issue, the poor whites voted against their own financial interest because they see themselves as "real Americans", "the heartland", "authentic Americans" rather than those gay rights and peace activists on the Left and East Coast.

There are "Compassionate Conservatives" now rather than greedy industrialists and businessmen.

The New York Times said:
In the aftermath of this civil war that our nation has just fought, one result is clear: the Democratic Party's first priority should be to reconnect with the American heartland....One of the Republican Party's major successes over the last few decades has been to persuade many of the working poor to vote for tax breaks for billionaires. Democrats are still effective on bread-and-butter issues like health care, but they come across in much of America as arrogant and out of touch the moment the discussion shifts to values.

"On values, they are really noncompetitive in the heartland," noted Mike Johanns, a Republican who is governor of Nebraska. "This kind of elitist, Eastern approach to the party is just devastating in the Midwest and Western states. It's very difficult for senatorial, Congressional and even local candidates to survive."
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Go Red

from The Daily Show website

Oh well, America has spoken: the Grand Ol' Party dominates and the America that rocketed the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy boys to fame has told the world that it is staunchly conservative. The results of the ballot measures were more interesting to me, and more telling about American society than anything else.

Catchphrase of the day is "America, the divided nation". Reading posts/emails from my Republican/Democrat/Liberal friends, I can only agree. We on the other side of the world can only sit back halplessly and watch what evolves.
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Oh, Ohio

So it looks like it's down to Ohio. MSNBC's already reporting 269-207 (Bush-Kerry), while CNN's still standing at 249-196. The odds are against Kerry. But, but...you never know...right? Sigh.

I feel disheartened. I thought I'd be emotionally distant from this election, but the more I read about it, the more I felt involved.

So this is how it feels when your sports team loses...or not.

I have images in my head of Drew Carey and his gang jumping up, pumping their fists in the air: "OHIO!"
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush Yoga

In my Yoga craze, I Google Yoga Poses and the 4th hit is Bush Yoga. Some people have a lot of time. And why would it be the 4th hit on Google??
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Bush, Kerry...Carroll?

So yes, I'm starting to feel all excited, nervous about the Presidential election, increasingly feeling more and more that I want less Bushit (as my uncle says) and more Heinz ketchup. But no matter the result, it's gonna be a big mess...phew!

And that's all very important for world politics/history/economy and all that. So I'm glued on to CNN...then...I see The Most Beautiful Man on Earth. I didn't know who he was, but my jaw dropped to the floor in complete and pure lust.

Jason Carroll has now overtaken the now over-exposed Colin Farrell as my top F--- Fantasy.

Ok, complete lust and fluff outta the way...back to more serious matters...the election....while I fall back on gut-feeling (due to limited knowledge, exposed only to what The Economist has to say), my Republican friend Teddy has got a more substantial analysis.

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No Rest RES Weekend...

Resfest is coming! Resfest is coming!

Unfortunately, Singapore got a trimmed version of the full Resfest. Oh well, better than nothing.

We'll be catching:

7:15PM-8:30PM Cinema Electronica
3:15PM-4:30PM RESFEST Shorts 1
4:45PM-6:30PM Shynola Rarities
7:30PM-9:00PM Jonathan Glazer Retrospective
7:15PM-8:45PM Feature Film - Sprout

And then, Danny Tenaglia on Saturday night, likely from midnight-6am (at least, I'll try). Hence, no getting up before 3pm on Sunday.

Phew! (for the feet and the wallet)

Drop me a msg/call/email if you are catching any of above.
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Monday, November 01, 2004

Screen Test

How many of us would be allowed to be born in to such a world and how many of us would be denied the opportunity to exist?

Bravo, Teddy. This is one of the more thought-provoking things I've read of late, and I just had to link this one.
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The Economist's Choice--Not Bush

The Economist has spoken: not really Kerry...just not Bush. They have summed up what I feel about this election. And how sad I think it is that the only alternative the Americans have to Bush is a 'not-Bush' negation of.

"YOU might have thought that, three years after a devastating terrorist attack on American soil, a period which has featured two wars, radical political and economic legislation, and an adjustment to one of the biggest stockmarket crashes in history, the campaign for the presidency would be an especially elevated and notable affair. If so, you would be wrong. This year's battle has been between two deeply flawed men: George Bush, who has been a radical, transforming president but who has never seemed truly up to the job, let alone his own ambitions for it; and John Kerry, who often seems to have made up his mind conclusively about something only once, and that was 30 years ago. But on November 2nd, Americans must make their choice, as must The Economist. It is far from an easy call, especially against the backdrop of a turbulent, dangerous world. But, on balance, our instinct is towards change rather than continuity: Mr Kerry, not Mr Bush."

Oh well, you never know with these American presidents...Kerry might just turn out to be something else.

Hope he wins then.
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