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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

kellykelly's (current) Life Philosophy

You'd notice that I added a new section on my sidebar, kellykelly's (current) Life Philosophy.

These links would take you to my current philosophical beliefs and ways in which I (try to) live my life because I believe these ways make me a happier, better person.

Philosophical beliefs

These "beliefs" aren't as fixed as the word connotes. I'm not really good at making up my mind, too often prefering to sit on the fence rather than make a stand or decision. So my "beliefs" are defined as what I'm more convinced by for the moment (hence "current"). Right now, it's Liberalism(of the 19th century Euro laissez-faire, small government kind, not the American leftish version) and Ayn Rand's Objectivism.

This will likely ebb and rise and ebb and rise as I read stuff that could convince me otherwise or reinforce this belief.

Ways of Living

Rather than ebbing and rising, these beliefs that I accumulate along the way will likely mount upon each other.

Given my a-religious upbringing, and my acquired sense of some spirituality in my world, Steinback's philosophy of the unity of all life appeals to me deeply.

The origins of some of these beliefs, I'm almost embarrassed to admit. Take "The Power of Now" for example. Even its title is cringe-worthy. It's so...so in the self-help section. And it is pretty poorly written. You're so much better off just reading the first couple of chapters because that's all there is to know. The rest of it is just repetition. But its philosophy is powerful as hell and its a philosophy has been what I (try to) live by.

The Landmark Forum is another rollyoureyes suburban America self-help hell that I would have been embarrassed to promote...if only it hadn't impacted my life as much as it already has. It's hard to explain what it is about. Many has called it a cult, brainwashing, etc. Given how much I rolled my eyes during the 3 day seminar, and how I scoffed at many of the people coming out of it glowing and raving and ohmygod-ing about how it changed their lives, I understand the cynicism. I still am not a full supporter of Landmark because I still hate their pushy marketing ploys. Yet, their seven ways for living as well as the brain-twisting philosophy "Life is Empty and Meaningless, and it's Empty and Meaningless that it's Empty and Meaningless" (we put meaning into everything) has so positively and powerfuly impacted my life that I will now declare that it has founded the way I live, or desire to live, my life.

I know, I know, it all sounds trippy/new-age-y/cult-y/trite-y. But don't knock it till you've tried it. If it has made me a better, happier individual (and I believe it has), bring it on. I'm far from being able to achieve these ways of living all of the time, but these are the benchmarks I aspire to reach.

So there you have it, the essence of the current kellykelly as you have known it. The list is neither fixed nor exhaustive.
kellykelly, 1/11/2005 01:39:00 pm



I did it too, and I know what you mean. It'd be so much easier if they just set us straight about all that meaning we add in school, instead of having to find it the hard way.
But then again... life wouldn't have the same contrast now without all those years of suffering.

Check out the My Landmark Forum site if you fancy some deja vu!

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