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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Fog It

From my brother who got it from Mr Miyagi, find out the readability of your blog:

Readability Results for http://kellog.blogspot.com

Total sentences465
Total words3,907
Average words per Sentence8.40
Words with 1 Syllable2,778
Words with 2 Syllables707
Words with 3 Syllables297
Words with 4 or more Syllables125
Percentage of word with three or more syllables10.80%
Average Syllables per Word1.43%
Gunning Fog Index (how many years of schooling it would take someone to understand the content)7.68
Flesch Reading Ease (The higher the score, the easier it is to understand the document. Authors are encouraged to aim for a score of approximately 60 to 70)77.42
Flesch-Kincaid Grade (Like the Gunning-Fog index, it is a rough measure of how many years of schooling it would take someone to understand the content)4.55

Therefore, my writing's between TV guides/The Bible/Mark Twain and (shudder) Reader's Digest, a person needs 7.68 years of schooling or be in 4.55th grade to comprehend me, and I need to either reduce the average words per sentence or reduce the average syllables of my words, which this sentence obviously doesn't help.
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Arm Pillow

I clicked on this link at the bottom of my Gmail email where I mentioned to a friend that I miss Pat (if you don't know, Gmail has an ingenious AdSense tool that tailors their advertisement links according to what you write in your email) . I thought this was hilarious that a sentence about me missing my Patty led AdSense to introduce this to me:

Cuddle Buddy Arm Pillow
For the person who has everything, except the perfect bedmate!

Single men or women now have the ultimate bedtime mate who won't snore or hog the bed sheets! There will be no complaints about his/her arm going numb and you won't have to endure their flipping and flopping all night long! The Cuddle Buddy Body Pillow is a snuggly alternative to the real thing.

This is an excellent gift for yourself or a friend. Do you know anyone who has recently become single again? Does your husband or boyfriend travel a lot? This pillow is perfect. Is there a new baby in the house? Our pillow is excellent for comforting or propping up the little one! Great as a serious gift, or as a gag- you just gotta get one!

Order online today
or call us at 1-800-784-6696
Proudly Made in U.S.A!

Never sleep alone again!
Come this Saturday, I won't be sleeping alone no more. I haven't missed him so badly in the entire 6 weeks...I guess there's something about the last lap. :\ He called me at 6am this morning after arriving in NYC to sing me a made-up song that runs along the lines of kellykelly kellykelly/i know you're sleepy/i'm in NYCeee/I miss my kellykelly. That would be the only reason why I'd like to be awakened at 6am.
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U R Sleeping

Yay!! I finally found the lyrics (in some random Español site)to one of my current favorite (progressive) house anthems, PQM's 'U R Sleeping'. You can here a clip of it here. Put on your best headphones and turn up the volume...ooohhh I love this song. The lyrics ain't exactly poetry, um, ok, they don't even rhyme, but the base line, melody and vocals of this track just works (for me that is):
You pick up this working girl
Who's hooked on smack,
Who hustles and scores
'That's all I do' she says
She says '10 bucks for head, 15 for half and half'
She says '3 hits a day at 35 per'
You say that's 7 tricks a day at least
But she says 'sometimes I get lucky...
Once this guy gives me a bill and a half just to eat me.
Only time I ever came.'
You figure you can save her.
You sell your color TV, it keeps her off the streets a whole day.
You hock your typewriter for one jolt...
Then your shotgun, your watch...
A week later you say 'listen, I'm a little short'
But she says 'No scratch, no snatch.'
You say 'look, it is better to give'
But she says 'beat off, creep.'
One night they spot you on the street in your skivies trying to sell your shoes
You tell them who you are, but they nail you.
Then she happens by and she says
'Christ, you look fucked!'
She says 'hang tough!'
But you don't say anything
You just think 'what a bum rap for a nice sensitive guy like me...'
Wanna hear how the song is nicely mixed into a set? Go to Yoshitoshi Radio and stream Timo Mass (highly recommended...the song comes in about 37:08 into the set) and The Mara Soundsystem (song comes in around 17:01). But the best mix of this is probably heard on James
Holden's Balance 005
CD1 (Track 14), which is a fantastic CD (too bad he sucks ass as a live DJ, but his technical skills are top-notch, which reflects well on a pre-recorded album). The way he bleeds the previous song, FortDax's 'Fortune Telling Fish, Curled to Suggest Home' into PQM's is pure magic. I have both CDs on mp3 that I can burn for you if you like. I take requests only in barter trade (I give you music, you give me

Interestingly, if you want a break-down, you can hear various versions of the base tunes here, here, here and here, and the acappella here.

Oh! I love this song so much! My fav part: when it goes "Once this guy gives me a bill and a half just to eat me/Only time I ever came (Only time I ever came)", then the synthetic melody hits, doo doodoo doo doo doo doo doo....
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Earth Moved (day after)

It is so weird that all this panic and scramble was going on, when all I felt was a light sway in my quiet flat all by myself. My thoughts and prayers to those affected. We are reminded of what we already know: the burden of natural disasters invariably falls upon those who least can afford to be affected--the poor who most lack the protection of good infrastructure, and monetary/livelihood buffers of insurance thereafter. Dammit.

An interesting chart from The Environment Times:

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The Earth Moved (more)

Last update before I go to bed. CNN's first write-up on it here. I remember someone mentioning in the office a couple of weeks ago that another earthquake was predicted off Sumatra, or was it in one of those silly circulated emails? The paranoia of another tsunami happening is expected and warranted. Better safe than sorry.
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The Earth Moved (confirmation)

A confirmation on ChannelNewsAsia on TV. I guess we'll see it online soon. My thoughts and prayers that no human disaster has followed.
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The Earth Moved (update)

I'm doing a check for earthquakes around the world and dammit, my suspicions were right. From Global Earthquake Report: 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra 4:09pm Edinburgh time, which is about 11:09pm Singapore time. But we felt it an hour later? Fuck. I wonder if that was it?

Damn. I wonder what happened?
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I Feel The Earth, Move, Under My Feet

Ok, it's about 1220am now. 2 minutes ago, I felt the table swaying. I thought it was just me cos I have low blood pressure and often feel light headed. But the ornaments hanging on my bamboo plant were clanging. I stepped out of my flat and my neighbours stepped out too and we both went "did you feel something?" I thought it could be my old HDB flat being too old. But Ken online in Katong said he felt something too. Geez, all the way from fault-line California and I feel my first earthquake (ok, 2nd. I felt a mild on in SF once. But this one was longer and slightly stronger). I do hope nothing major has happened somewhere else in the region. It's gotta be pretty big for us to feel it in Singapore...*shudder*

update: ok, I'm not delusional. ChannelNewsAsia has "Tremors felt in parts of Singapore" in its breaking news strip.
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Monday, March 28, 2005

Bangin' Bangkok

No, I didn't do anything I couldn't write home about. But I pretty much lived it up in Bangkok this weekend. Going to Bangkok this time around was a decidedly different experience backpacking with my boyfriend last November. Having done the tourist/cultural stuff on my previous trip, I allowed myself to unabashedly indulge in a purely chick-trip with a girl friend, and have nothing but (a) replenish my supply of cheap Thai tops and sun-dresses (those loose flowery types I wear all the time); (b) get massages; (c) get my nails done; (d) eat good Thai food on my to-do list for the weekend. This time, I trotted with Mun Chen, a collegue who sits right next to me at work, who turned out to be an excellent companion for traveling. Her ex-boss, now in UOB Thailand, offered us his 2 guest rooms in his serviced apartment and personal driver for our beck-and-call for the weekend while he was away.

Oh boy! And what a chick-trip it was! We got to live the life of indulgent Tai-Tai, filled with shopping and massages, manicure and pedicure, driven around everywhere, and being taken out to nice places for dinner. 'Tis only nice just because it's a holiday. It would be unimaginably insufferable for me if that was truly my life.

Bangkok beckons! I see my calling on the way into the city from the airport on Thursday evening.

On our first night, we were taken out to Sirocco, probably the most stunning bar I have ever been to in my life. I pulled this picture out from a website cos it's the clearest. But even the picture does no justice to this spectacular place.

With an outstanding live jazz band and singer on a raised platform...

On the 2nd night, we went for dinner and karaoke with a bunch of Thai people in UOB Thailand. They all had great hair (we noticed)! ;p

Some funny sights: awkward looking farangs in a tuk-tuk...

...the coolest pink helmet...

...white trash at Chatuchak Weekend Market...

...Mun Chen with her porn star T-shirt shopping around Chatuchak. For some odd reason, I thought the picture showed the guy laying face down with the girl straddling him on his behind. And I was wondering where the strap-on was. Until Mun Chen told me the guy was face up. Which is obviously more likely.

We had a massage all of the 3 days we were there. The first Thai massage was wonderful wonderful wonderful. The 2nd one was a foot massage which was disappointing. The 3rd one we decided to go back to the same place (Healthland Spa), and both of us ended up with a BRUTAL masseuse each. After I pointed out my special spot in my neck (the 2 points which is the root of my aching neck, but when pressed will release an orgasmically painful shot exploding through my body. It's both a curse and a blessed button.), my matronly masseuse muttered "ahh, steef neck, steeef neck", and proceeded to jam her fists into my neck for a good 20 minutes. Most of it was actually good, as I was left gasping and moaning as my special spots were kneaded. But as she pounded harder, and did that thing where she squeezed my head, I thought my head would explode. By the third and last round, I had enough of Thai massages for a while.

A more gentle experience was our manicure/pedicure session, with the guy who greeted us spending an hour blowdrying and ironing his own hair. He ended up finishing our perfect french manicure when our female manicure/pedicure-rists (what do we call them?) failed to do a good job. Good to know he puts that meticulous vanity to good use. Lovely boy he was. We spent the rest of the day admiring our hands and feet.

And not to forget the outstanding food. Thai food is probably my favorite food next to Japanese. Our last meal was recommended to us by our driver. The waiters spoke no English and the menu barely had English, so we knew it had to be authentic. And it was! Even though the pineapple rice we tried to order came out (pine-ap-ple...pine-ap-ple...you know? The fruit? How you say?) as Pattaya rice. This yum yum tom yum was the best we had in the trip.

And here's our lovely driver, Nathapon, who allowed us to get a taste of the Tai Tai life. It was fun...just for the weekend. It does feel great to return to a job I love on a Monday. I have 2 new cases on my desk! Whoo hoo!=) (that whoop of joy is not sacarsm. I really love my job that much.)
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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chansidine Anniversary

It's past midnight...today marks the Chansidine 2nd anniversary! It also marks the 2nd time we've spent our anniversary on different continents (I was in Singapore for spring break last year)...oh well, ain't no matter. We met on the last Sunday of March 2003 (here's the post where Patrick's name was first mentioned, wink wink nudge nudge), but since we met after midnight, we figured yesterday that the 24th should be the right anniversary. From that Sunday night, we've hardly been apart since. Little did I know that "fabulous start to Spring Break" was the beginning of something more.

These past 5.5 weeks has been fun with KKSC activities, but that omnipresent sense of simply missing my man that crawls just beneath the surface of my skin underlies it all. I want him back, and not just to clean out the kitty poo.

Happy Anniversary, Patty. Here's to many more Crazy Chansidine years of partying, reading, cooking, movies, traveling, debating Adbusters vs Economist, and juz good ol' lovin'!

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Packing for my long weekend trip to Bangkok (again!). I usually try not to visit the same place when I could use the time and money to see someplace new. But the lure of cheap plane tickets, and a serviced apt to crash over at (collegue's) with the use of his personal driver all weekend was a little too much to resist. To cheap massages, pedicures, manicures, clothes and plenty of Wats, here I come!

I was reminded that this would be my 5th time out of the country since I returned last July. Doesn't seem like much to me, not at all. It pales in comparison to my bloody lucky boyfriend, who has hopped to NYC, Miami, Palm Beach, SF, Tahoe, Vegas, Utah and now Costa Rica with his mom for the next 5 days, not before spending one night with Danny Tenaglia at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, all in the past 5.5 weeks. Enviable, yes, but not one iota of jealousy in me cos I know he'd be scouting Costa Rica for me when he takes me there one day. =) At the end of April, we'll be heading to Ho Chi Minh for another long weekend.

You will have noticed that I have mentioned 5.5 weeks. Yes! In 1.5 weeks, KKSC will be KKWC (kellykelly-With-Considine)! In 1.5 weeks, my man will be home! In 1.5 weeks, I will no longer have to bloody deal with cat poop! Whoohoo!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Orange Monkey Sex Error

Ken tried to send me the link to his animal color (orange wolf), but I got a SEX Error!! instead.

Maybe they heard about your monster cock and wanted you to go <--Back.

I'm going to get too many hits from people google-ing porn.
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Just Call Me Fast Pussy

One of the many silly things that circulate around the office to reassure you that your birthdate reflects what you already know of yourself and lower productivity...Animal Colour Checking! With your necessary Bad English!

Try it. Lemme know what you are.
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Today I learnt about the subculture of twitchers, i.e. dedicated birdwatchers:
There are a few thousand twitchers in Britain...Alerted by pagers or e-mail, they will travel long distances to see a rare bird. Like all successful subcultures, twitching has its own rules, language and demi-gods. A “dip” is a failed “twitch”, meaning that the bird flew off before the twitcher arrived, preventing him from “ticking”, or recording, it. A UTV (untickable view) refers to a sighting too fleeting or hazy to be counted. “Suppression”, which is when news of a rare bird's arrival is kept quiet until after it has left, is a sin. Those who dedicate themselves to twitching can hope to join the 400 Club, whose members have all seen at least that number of species in Britain and Ireland.
The Economist ponders why the Brits particularly are the most ardent of birdwatchers. They boil it down to geography (Brits have so little countryside they treasure any, including birds in them); history (Brits are "atypically enthusiastic about animals...In France, schoolchildren sing a nursery rhyme encouraging them to pluck feathers from a lark. A tiny tot doing the same in Britain would probably be referred to the social services."); and just Freudian trainspotting for the post-industrial age:
The reasons why twitching appeals to white British males (there are few female or ethnic-minority twitchers) are not clear. Popular explanations include the Protestant work ethic (people feel guilty about lying around doing nothing, and so fill their leisure time with pseudo-useful things), Freudian psychology (a repressed male sexual urge leads to compulsive behaviour) and neuro psychology (type-S brains, more common among men, like making lists and cataloguing things; type-E brains, more common among women, don't). If the Freudians are right, perhaps twitching is just trainspotting for the post-industrial age.
Blessed are those randomest articles from The Economist that embarrass me on the bus as I irrepressibly laugh out loud while reading 'em. Where else would you read a magazine, focused on political economy, write in a single article about twitchers, nursery rhymes and Freud?

Interesting take on the 'Protestant work ethic', though!! I only read about the Weberian concept of the Protestant work ethic, i.e. the argument that the Protestants made it no longer a sin to work rationally for money, and therefore capitalism/industrialization began in the Western societies (yes, I know, a tall call, but a powerful thesis nonetheless. Read about criticisms against it here).

--kellykelly, non-Western, non-Protestant capitalist hippie, guiltily filling up leisure time at work doing pseudo-useful things like blogging.

P.S. Remember, Suppression is a Sin.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

IEeee...Kellog 3.0 to be Firefoxed, not IEed!

Eek! Ok, please don't use Internet Explorer to view my blog cos it looks horrid! This is how it looks like on Firefox:

And this is how it's NOT supposed to look like on IE, damn!

Oh well, I'm too lazy to try to fix it now. So just use Firefox (it's great!)!
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Kellog 3.0!

Voila! A whole new look for Kellog! Kellog 2.0 was born on Sept 6th 2004, which wasn't too long ago actually. But I thought the previous layout was looking a little too cluttered and I'm trying to achieve a more streamlined look.

As I have mentioned, I like to keep the 'brand-image' of Kellog with a similar colour-theme. I don't quite like seeing blogs that I have become familiar with suddenly re-vamp to something unfamiliar. Throws me off guard.

Hopefully, this works. Whaddya think? Be honest.

Credits: Kudos to Martijn ten Napel, you are quite a cutie too, for your subdued lily template which I just spent the whole night tweaking around with.

My blog is truly my baby. I felt like a cyber-mom as I spent hours dressing Kellog which I created with my own words up to my fancy making sure she had a good head on her shoulders. ((((kellykelly-hugs-kellog))))
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Narcissist's Java Toy of the Week II

Ok, so I'm a narcissist! I played with another picture.

Here's Baby, Now, Old.

Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian, West Indian, Chimp.

Modigliani, Botticelli, Mucha, Manga.

Go try it!

Ok, my brother tried it and his image is a more accurate use of this tool. He looked like an actual black, white, indian, child, old person!! I'm so tickled and freaked out by this. Check it out!
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Narcissist's Java Toy of the Week

This is absolutely hilarious.

Clockwise from top left, labels as given:

Original Picture, Baby, Child, Old.

Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian, West Asian, Chimp.

This set is less scary than the above, rather lovely actually.
Modigliani, Botticelli, Mucha, Manga.

Finally, the one that made me burst out laughing...


*crackling laughter*

P.S. Ok, I'm a bloody fugly white chick...I look like a man. I make a pretty cute chimp though. Ooga Booga.
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Interesting Economist Article of the Week

You see it all the time on Amazon and Netflix. Now see how it works behind the scenes.

On collaborative filtering:
For many people, technology now plays an increasing role in making such choices and navigating through large numbers of alternatives. But while this might sound like a job for an internet search engine, keyword-based search engines (such as Google) have a fundamental constraint: they can only help you find something if you already have an idea of what it is. Two people's idea of “good music” may differ substantially, but Google would return the same results to both of them. To find things you might like, but are not already familiar with, requires a different technology, known as “collaborative filtering”.
... the value of collaborative filtering has, in any case, already been established. It helps people find things they might otherwise miss, and helps online retailers increase sales through cross-selling. Where the user of a search engine is on a solitary quest, the user of a collaborative-filtering system is part of a crowd. Search, and you search alone; ramble from one recommendation to another, and you may feel a curious kinship with the like-minded individuals whose opinions influence your own—and who are, in turn, influenced by your opinions.
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Movie of the Week

I'd say it's a slightly weaker version of Saved!, but Mean Girls is surprisingly good. While it kinda whiddled down to a rather boring, expected and slow ending, the meat of the story was hilarious and rather clever (props to Tina Fey as writer, whom I'm a fan of on SNL) I have to say. Interesting how Asians have entered into mainstream American high-school culture, not only as the stereotypical "Asian nerds" but you have your "cool Asians" amongst your jocks and popular blonds. I can't remember Archie comics ever having an Asian.

In any case, I'm so very glad I never had to attend an American suburban high-school.
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Heart Warmer of the Week

My parents are darlings.

They not only bought me all that stuff from Ikea, my dad lugged it all upstairs (my mom and I had to take the cab to bring my new bad-ass gigantic full length mirror on the cab as the car was filled, and by the time we got to the front of the line for the taxi and met my dad at my place, he had already brought everything else upstairs), and spent the next 3 hours sweatily putting everything together, while my mom scrubbed my toilet (because she couldn't stand it), watered all the plants I have neglected (without Pat, who is decidedly a better house-keeper I now realize, the plants at home are almost dead), and insisted on feeding the Fat Cat and talking to him (my mom talks to her dog all the time), which I'm sure he appreciates because I have been ignoring him completely.

You can move out, travel round the world, earn your own money, grow older, but when you are with your parents, you are always their little daughter and they your Papa and Mummy...and while that sometimes is the root of parent-child tension, to be loved as a child is at most times the most marvelous and fortunate feeling.
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Hyper Consumerist Experience of the Week

Ikea shopping anywhere in the world is the same experience because they are all scarily the same inside.

And Ikea is a scarily time-sucking portal of consumerism. They take you through loads and loads of stuff, and they have an eerie way of making you want everything, and laying it out such that you'll never miss out that new thing you realize you want, then they make you believe you need it.

I went there to buy a new rack (I don't have a wardrobe) for the new clothes I recently acquired, but came home not only with the new rack but (amongst a couple of other things) this bad-ass leather reclining chair and matching stool.

This chair is so amazingly comfortable I'm going to name it KelChair. I love it so much. It was one of the reasons, aside from an exhausted body and recurring conjunctivities, I stayed in on Saturday night. Spending a quiet weekend night in by myself is quite a lovely novelty for me.
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Uber Singapore Experience of the Week

Qing Ming with my parents and aunts on Saturday morning. I feel rather disconnected, increasingly so, to the superstitious rituals surrounding qing ming though. All that burning of paper and offering joss sticks to various statues whose significance mean nothing to me makes me feel alienated to the tradition.

But thankfully, I always enjoy qing ming. It's one of the few vaguely traditional things we do as Chinese. And it's an important part of our family life to do this at least once a year (we usually do it more) to go round my grandparents', great-grandparents' graves and pay respects, and simply remember them, which is the key reason we do this. My parents and I aren't religious nor superstitious. As my parents taught me: we don't do this to get good luck, to avoid bad luck or to win 4-D. Just to remember a connection to loved ones that aren't with us any more. While I don't like offerings to statues I don't know about, I like looking at my grandparents' pictures and feel some connection to them while I offer them joss sticks.

The uber Singapore experience comes from the temple at Bishan incessantly blaring out instructions about what NOT to do over the qing ming period, yelling at us to be considerate, etc. There's always someone telling you what to do in Singapore. They really should shut up sometimes. The temple is a place I associate with serenity and peace, not loudspeakers, even if it's qing ming jie.
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Fiesty Lady of the Week

Guy trying to pick me up at Zouk and Karen stepping up and fiercely barking "NO! Don't even bother!"

Girl accidentally burning Karen with her cigarrette butt and Karen whipping it out of her hands in a kung fu move, tossing it on the floor and putting her hands up in a pre-empting judo-chop.
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Pick-up Line of the Week

Blond ang moh dude at Velvet to me: "You kinda look like my sister."

I felt like telling him "ohhh you are a white boy in asia...how many times have you used that and how many times has it worked?" And yes, that's a tad bit incestuously weird. Instead, I just smiled, shook his hand upon his insistance and moved away.

He gets props for being slightly different though, and very cute.
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Worst Set of the Week

While Joachim Garraud at Attica was bad, Chicks on Speed at Zouk took the prize for worst set of the week. I liken them to modern art that I don't get. I don't know what indie-lovers would say about them, but my bland(er) music ears just went "har???" to their tuneless yelling. After about an hour waiting for their music to come on due to some technical error, I had to leave after 3 songs, the last one having lotsa pussies (as in vaginas, not cats, and some unattractive ones too) being screened behind them.

Hopped over to Velvet in search for better music, but was not grooved by the samba-house (my least favorite house genre, possibly) and the pick-up crowd. Went back to Zouk after 2am, and thankfully DJ Sonny (not my fav DJ, but ok) exceeded my expectations. After two nights of bad music, I felt like I needed it.
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Bad Dancers of the Week

Goes to the ang mors at Attica aka Crapttica. Ok ok, I'm a loser. I know I vowed never to go there again. But I had had a rather anti-social week and just wanted to go out on St. Patrick’s day and I was on the guest list for that night (which is all BS anyway, because first, all you need to do is hit reply to an email, and second, I think the whole night had no cover anyway!) and I had a bunch of buddies going (bunch of Zouk crew, Ken, Karen, etc). So that's my excuse. Music was horrid though. Joachim Garraud was thoroughly unimpressive, although he acted like his was all that (exaggerated dancing to his own music, pumping his fists up in the air, wrist sweat band (fashion no no), pointing to the crowd, etc). In my humble opinion, a DJ playing one house anthems after another is a sign of a mediocrity. And then he tried to do some weird shit with scratching and dropping mambo tunes which just did nothing for me.

What did even more nothing for me were the dancers at Attica. The crowd there was your usual expat crowd (the unattractive genre), tossing their overpaid expat salaries at the latest hip, overhyped and overpriced club, thinking they are all that because of hot li'll asian SPGs throwing themselves all over them. Ok I'm being a little mean. But not really. Ken describes them more succictly as "unattractive white men who couldn't dance and SPGs who danced with them anyway." Karen was a little harsher: "The music was so bad and so commercial that we were going to play Show Me the Worst Dance Move Ever, but the sad white men on the floor beat us to that, with classic moves like "the Window Washer", "Supermarketing", "Dog Taking a Crap" and "Frog Squats" "

Despite the horrid music and crowd, the novelty of taking a week-night out for once and laughing, dancing, yabbering and just hanging out with friends was fun.

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Silly Club of the Week

Surprisingly Silly Club of the Week didn't go to Crapttica, but Dbl O this time. The fact that it is located in Mohammad Sultan, have free pour for ladies nights, charge men $20 and ladies $0 to get in are already alarm signals. But I trotted down on Thurs night anyway to toast Eileen's birthday night out with her free bottle of champagne plus lots of 'pussy juice' shots. I actually drank a little for once. What awards Dbl O my Silly Club of the Week honor was the whole orchestra they put people through, as a Silly Club does. For example, I stand in line with my friends after I had already gotten my hand stamped having arrived earlier. I was then told by a bouncer who recognized me the first time around that I had already been in there, and to go to the other line for re-entry. Which would make sense if there was a crowd that needs to be managed. But since there was NOBODY around, it was silly protocol. But alrighty...I march over to the next line and wait while the doorgirl checks my friends id and lets them in. Bouncer then walks into the club through the main entry, then comes out through the 're-entry' door that was right next to the main entry. Then takes his portable UV light to check the stamp on my arm and nods you-may-enter-now snottily. All this while there was NOBODY in the line! I cracked up. I felt part of a play no one was watching.

The club itself was deadly empty, even when I left an hour later. When I stepped out, there was a HUGE line outside the club that was held only for the hype. Ohhh come on! *MAJOR ROLL OF EYES* for Dbl O please! I thoroughly detest clubs that do that. (Re: Crapttica post) Sadly, the interior of the club was one of the nicest I've seen with a massive dancefloor and great decor. But I highly doubt I'd be going there again anytime soon.
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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Saint

Happy St Patrick's Day!! For the occassion, I bring up once again the cover of a children's book we found (and I bought) at Tahoe last year that never fails to scare me with its resemblance to you-know-who.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gasp! Your Opinion Counts!

Gasp! I only found this out by accident through random surfing to this blog. I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't even aware we had these kinda sessions! I've been wondering how, other than write in to a paper I have no respect for, I could, gasp, have my opinion count on an issue I feel strongly about. Apparently, now I can!
The National Environment Agency (NEA) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) are reviewing the list of places not covered under the current smoking ban, such as pubs, bus shelters, bus interchanges, public toilets, coffee shops and hawker centres. The current smoking ban covers 26 categories of places, and was last reviewed in 1997.

The Feedback Unit is organizing four dialogue sessions to consult the public (both smokers and non-smokers) on the extension of the smoking ban to coffee shops and hawker centres. Please note that for this English and Malay speaking session, there will be English translation for feedback given in Malay.
If you are a non-smoker, and would like to attend the English/Malay-speaking session, we would like to invite you to attend the session on:

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 05
Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Venue: NTUC Centre, Room 1003, Level 10 One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989

If you would like to attend the above session or have any queries, please contact Mr Izan Sidek at 63548044 or e-mail: Izan_Sidek@mcys.gov.sg
As sarongpartyfrens mentioned: "Not that I think that it would make any real difference...The decisions have been made. But its slightly better than bitching about the government on a personal blog." I'll see ya there! Although I'm a little confused...is this series of sessions only for extension of the ban to hawker centers and coffeeshops? Or all that they mentioned above? Because my vested interests is more on banning smoking in pubs/clubs...but anywho, this will be the decision made anyway, and I'm happy with it. I'll be there in any case just to check it out. Gasp, I've never been in any public 'dialogue'. Should be a bloggable night out.

I hope for the sessions with smokers, they would turn on the air-con, close the doors and windows and have them smoke out. That'll be fun for the discussion.
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Monday, March 14, 2005

Kelantan dress-code for non-Muslims

Absolutely asinine:
BAGGY blouses with long sleeves, and loose skirts ending well below the knees, could soon become compulsory dress for non-Muslim women in Kota Baru.

The municipal council of the Kelantan state capital is considering compelling all women to follow its definition of 'appropriate dress' after receiving complaints that product promoters in supermarkets wore revealing attire.

'What the council is doing is for the good of the masses, both Muslims and non-Muslims,' said council chairman Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman.

At present, only Muslim women are required to comply with a dress code of loose attire down to the ankles and a tudung (head scarf). The fine for non-compliance is between RM50 (S$20) and RM500.

Even pictures of women on billboards must comply with the required dress.

Mr Abdul Aziz justified it as a 'moral obligation' to advise non-Muslims to wear proper clothes as long as they were within the council's jurisdiction, even after working hours.
There's something terribly disturbing about dictating for "the good of the masses" based on "moral obligation".

I like how the fine for non-compliance ranges between RM50-500. Personally, I'd scale it as such:
[RM50]! fully-dressed shoulder to toe but no head scarf"
[RM300]!! navel-bearing boob tube, skanky mini-skirt and fuck-me heels (a.k.a. > 3 inch stilettos)"
[RM5000000000]!!!!! this:

My booty-shorts better be charged at least RM200, or I'd be insulted. *phht*

"Why honey, for my next birthday, any one of these four inflatable dolls would do..."
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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Before Sunset...?

There must be something wrong with me because everyone, everyone loves Before Sunset. And I really don't.

I remember being offered free tickets to watch the opening of that movie in SF but I declined after reading the synopsis because it sounded too affected and mawkish. When it came out in Singapore, I heard rave reviews about it, but never got down to watching it.

Finally watched the DVD and...and...dare I say it?...I thought my gut feeling about it was right. The entire movie felt affected and full of itself to me. Tried to be charming but failed IMO. I kept rolling my eyes and drawing these thought balloons:

Ethan: I'm so smitten with you. You are so smart and beautiful and the woman of my dreams. I am in a boring marriage of convenience. I want to fuck you.
Julie: Oh you are so smitten with me, with every word I say. I know I'm beautiful and intelligent and witty and down-to-earth and I wanna help the world, what I lethal combination I am. And I can bloody sing! I know you wanna fuck me with every word I say and every move I make, why won't you? But I have issues with relationships, because transience is the essence of perfection.
The End

Funny, because I would usually like this movie. Heck, I even believed it back in Oct'02 when I wrote:
...is it not sad to realize that genuine and raw passion and happiness can only exist in that spurt of a moment? It just can never be sustainable just because of it's impractical nature. No such thing as perfection...but perfection can occur for that spilt second, where every emotion, every circumstance fits. And then of course, every emotion and every circumstance will change all the time. And then the perfection evaporates. And then you are left with an ah-well sigh, saying: "It was a delightful visit;--perfect, in being much too short". (Jane Austen, 'Emma')
That belief arose from previous beautiful but transient, transient but beautiful encounters I had the pleasure of experiencing (oh the days of a swinging single).

But a believe in that transience stems from the inability to create perfect 'Nows' at each point of your life, with the one that truly deserves your love. On the eve of actually meeting the man I now commit to (about 5 weeks prior), I quoted Tolstoy who wrote to his fiance:
"I already love in you your beauty, but I am only beginning to love in you that which is eternal and ever precious - your heart, your soul. Beauty one could get to know and fall in love with in one hour and cease to love it as speedily; but the soul one must learn to know. Believe me, nothing on earth is given without labour, even love, the most beautiful and natural of feelings."
And that love cannot come from a transient one.
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Surprise Santa

I have probably the smallest wardrobe amongst all my female friends. I think that was a result of going to Berkeley with only one suitcase of clothes, moving 3 times over 4 years, of which twice was within the last 15 months of my California livin', and each time vowing to purge myself of as much material stuff as possible. This led to me returning to Singapore with 2 suitcases of clothes, mostly due to the volumnous winter clothes that I couldn't bear to get rid of (I will use them again someday). Therefore, my current wardrobe consists mainly of 1.5 drawers of my tops/bottoms (the other 1.5 is Pat's), and a makeshift closet with stuff like work shirts/suits hanging up messily (to the chagrin of my mom) across my room which takes up about half the length of a small HDB flat room.

The stuff I get lately are mostly very cheap (as in little cost, not cheap cheap okayyy...um. well. I kinda like booty shorts. but that's my only vice. and they are just so comfy to jump around in in the club!) stuff from Thailand (love that whole ethnic shite) and more costly work stuff required for work, and because I just started my work life, they ain't much and I desperately need more.

So when my collegue who is probably one of the best and expensive dressers I know asked me if I minded having some of her clothes that she didn't fit into anymore, and thought I was the only girl in the office that would fit in them, but she wanted to ask me first because some people might feel insulted with hand-me-downs, I happily and shamelessly said "YES, PLEASE!" I hardly mind at all being on the receiving end of charity, especially when the giver is a great dresser with great taste.

Voila! I now have a whole new wardrobe! She just dropped off 2 heavy heavy bags of clothes...the scary thing is that these clothes she had to discard is probably 3 times the size of my wardrobe. With a cursory rummage, I see 3 pairs of suit/matching skirts, a gazillion other skirts/pants, oooohh...do I see an awesome white Calvin Klein dress?? Yes I do! Do I fit into it?? Yes I do! Ho! Ho! Ho! It's a March Christmas!
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I felt like I glided through the unplanned weekend, there for it all, but not quite present. Perhaps due to an incessant lethargy beset upon me since my bout of nasty-something on Sunday night.

Started off with a business dinner in Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton. Ya gotta love those fancy schmanzy din-dins you don't have to pay for. Although fancy meals are quite wasted on me. I definitely fall into the eat-to-live category and can't bear to part with more than S$3 for a meal (ok, maybe up to $6 for sushi). My palette was indeed too crass for the foie gras/peking duck/jelly cuttlefish/pate dish that was quite the grossest thing I've ever tasted. But otherwise, quite the excellent meal, even I must say.

Was supposed to go for the Mosaic party at the Esplanade, but change of plans led to Ken picking me up from the Esplanade and swinging over to Alley Bar, which was too crowded, so we went on a merry-go-round to drop David off at home and on to Mox. In all, I think the journey took more than an hour due to horrendous traffic. That I still had that headache and mild nausea didn't help. Sigh. But Mox was fun as always. Headache went away with sugar high from super sweet drink (I'm very lightweight). Highlight of the night was meeting my ultimate vampire fantasy Spike...well not really, but this dude (he looks better in real life...or at least under Mox-light) that Ken introduced me to, with whom I want Ken to perform deeds only for me to live vicariously through. So I'm kinky weird! Fine! While I'm certainly not a coquette and hate to flirt (especially with guys I'm actually attracted to), I allowed myself for once to be reduced to a shameless giggly flirt with Spike look-alike...only cos he's a fantasy ...and GAY. So I'm kinky weird! Fine! Headed home, but not without stopping by Zouk to jump around to Blaze for a while with Krazy Karen. In all, nice live vocals, but horrible mixing and horrible pace/arrangement of otherwise good songs. I still bounced around anyway, but was rather disappointed.

Saturday was be-a-daughter day with my Papa and Mummy. Lovely swim, lovely lunch, viewed a Mazda showroom (COE prices dropped therefore it made sense to buy a new car and scrap the old one. Funny system we live in. If only it was legal, I'd set up a market for all the 'old' cars that people are made to scrap here because of COE expiring/change. Ship them elsewhere for a vast 2nd-hand market.), lovely nap, lovely dinner in Chinatown. I gotta tell the story with my parents that cracked me up. To paraphrase: Papa was watching a TV show about California wines. My mom, laying in bed next to him, kept telling him "You have to watch this show Sideways, about California wines too, you have to watch this show Sideways, it's really good". Papa just kept silent the whole time. Later, bursting out, "aiyah! Why you keep asking me to watch sideways? What's the difference watching this show lying sideways or lying straight? Same what!" Hee hee! My parents crack me up sometimes.

Caught the Diesel show at Zouk, which was pure eye-candy. Was gonna go home to drop stuff off and head back to bounce around, but suddenly felt too tired and *gasp* went to bed by midnight!! On a Saturday night?? Blasphemy! Sigh. I needed the rest.

Today, Sunday, was a nice one with Eunice, Frances, Mr and Mrs Kong to celebrate Eunice's birthday with...instant noodles and leftover Chinese New Year goodies. Sigh. We were all too lazy to go out and battle with the heat. In any case, the company and the great Angie's Choice chocolate cake was sufficient for a great meal. And, in the spontaneous mood to treat myself and banish that headache and tight neck, I finally popped into the massage place just downstairs which I pass everyday but never went. 45min later and $30 poorer (tho' that's really cheap for SG standards), I'm feeling relaxed, dreamy, happy. Upon hindsight, I was not as un-present for all the above as I thought...just sliding into each moment that came one after another. Gliding through the weekend culminating to a dreamier state is rather refreshing.
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Friday, March 11, 2005

Clever Monkey

Pat's Uncle Dan, who will be visiting us in Jun (our first visitor from the States!), has an interesting wish-list for his week here: (a) to try and meet Kishore Mahbubani (Uncle Dan's a professor of political science who has used 'Can Asians Think?' in his courses. I haven't read that book. Should I? Anyone has recommendation/review on the book?); (b) swing dance; (c) to have breakfast with an orang utan.

Unfortunately, I think Breakfast with Ah Meng has been discontinued...they have a jungle breakfast instead, which just isn't the same. A shame, because over Christmas last year, I so wanted to buy Pat a breakfast with an orang utan because he loves monkeys. He's stated that he would have a Bubbles if he could. Fortunately, I don't think that's possible...and a monster cat the size of a monkey will suffice.

I digress. Point of this post was that Uncle Dan emailed us this clever little joke after his list that I wanted to share.
An Orangutan's Reading List

One day the zoo-keeper noticed that the orangutan was reading two books: the Bible and Darwin's Origin of Species. Surprised, he asked the ape, "Why are you reading both those books?"

"Well," said the orangutan, "I just wanted to know if I was my brother's keeper or my keeper's brother."
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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Botero, Botero and Steel Erection

Just some random pictures that I left in my camera that I'd like to share.

Here's a bunch of sentences that starts with "here's":

Here's my trip to the SAM for the Botero exhibit. Caught a stranger who's rather Botero-ed himself. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures indoors.

Here's a postcard-perfect shot outside the museum with the astounding Botero sculpture. Singapore really has some lovely buildings.

Here's (speaking of astounding Botero-ed creatures) a picture of the bloody cat tearing up a tube of Mentos. Definitely not a fresh-maker, this poopy bastard. Does he not look evil?? Thought ballon that should be above this picture will read: "Hmm...how do I annoy Kelly even more today??"

Here's Ken trying to stroke Fat Cat.

Here's the gawd-awfully humongous belly!!! I think he's missing his owner. He's been rather depressed lately and *gasp* not eating!! It could be the cheapie cat food I had to buy for him cos he finished what Patrick thought was a 7 week supply of food in 3 weeks. In any case, he could afford to lose some weight.

Here's Ken. Fat Cat's probably gleeful that it's just about the only pussy Ken's ever gonna stroke.
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

White Men With Weapons

I'm almost hesitant to yell out too enthusiatically GO WATCH WHITE MEN WITH WEAPONS!! because 90-min one-man show monologue plays are essentially rather subjective. While I was clearly the most impressed, the consensus with Ken and Xingying was a thumbs up. I was touched, amused, enthralled by Grieg Coetzee's outstanding performance. All he had was an outfit, a bed, a chest, a chair and a table and a spotlight, and he told a vivid story of South Africa's wars through 13 characters. Do you know how fucking difficult it is to keep your audience's attention with nothing except yourself? I'd have paid $40 to watch this performance...since I'd have paid $0 to watch Bombs, I'd say I'm evened out.

Speaking of subjective opinions, apparently Straits Times' Hong Xinyi has an entirely different view of Big Bombs. I'm sorry but "Written by Haresh Sharma and directed by Natalie Hennedige with a precise grasp of rhythm and nuance"??? Ok different strokes for different folks, but I'd definitely re-write her opening paragraph as "(it is) the stuff of nightmares so potent that every fibre of your being screams to be released from its thrall as you are gripped by its cheat-your-money $20".
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Ban It! Ban It!

Whoo Hooo!!!
Straits Times - May 9th 2005 - SMOKERS should get ready to stub out - there will be even fewer public places to light up in from Oct 1.

The no-smoking ban will be extended to bus shelters and interchanges, public pools and toilets, community clubs and open-air stadiums, as Singapore intensifies its war against cancer-causing nicotine.

After that, the Government will mount another assault later in the year, at pubs and discos.

...Citing reports, he said second-hand smoke contains at least twice as much nicotine and tar as smoke inhaled by smokers, increasing the risk of lung cancer in passive smokers.

Even worse is the level of second-hand smoke in pubs and clubs - up to 450 per cent higher than in homes with at least one smoker, he said.

Such health hazards have prompted Ireland and the American state of California to ban smoking in pubs and clubs. The British government has proposed to do so by 2008 and more countries will do the same.
There are times when I do agree the government has to step in. Given that I'm a non-smoker that goes out to clubs quite a bit, I'm clearly biased. It's so nasty coming back home with your hair reeking of cigarette smoke, even till the next morning after multiple washes. I dearly missed the smoke-free California clubs. What a far more pleasant experience to not have to deal with the stench and wield away from lighted cigarette butts.

I'm all for freedom of choice--just don't impede mine when I'm made to inhale your filthy habit. Negative externality, check your Econ textbook. A lame argument was made in the clubbing forums that I'm choosing to go to places where I should expect cigarette smoke. Complete bullshit. I'm choosing to go to places where I can hear good music and jump around. The cigarette smoke has got nothing to do with it. Have you been to a smoke free club in California/NYC? The government has to step in because the playing field needs to be evened out. One club owner (the big clubs anyway) would hardly have the guts to ban it for the fear of losing smoking customers who might move to another club (although many smokers I know actually like not having to deal with the retained smoke indoors), it's a business risk and the fear is acceptable. But ban all of them from doing so and you'll even it out. People are NOT going to go out less because they cannot smoke inside. In fact, my opinion is that the non-smokers will be more willing to go out more if they don't have to deal with that shit.

Smoking is a disgusting habit. I have friends that picked it up lately whom I'd otherwise have thought were intelligent enough not to. Hey! I'm not judging, it's your body! I'm too vain for smoking. There is a very noticeable gray-ish sallowness in the skin of smokers (yes, honey, hate to be the one breaking it to ya: it's very noticeable). I love my glowing skin (ok, maybe not glowing, but it ain't sallow) too much and I kill it fast enough with my lack of skin-care routine and sun worshipping. We don't need to quicken the ageing process anymore! And I stain my teeth enough with caffeine already (eh, I don't smoke nor drink...I need at least one vice!).

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blink O Rama

Ok, people have wayyyy to much time on their hands.

Blink O Rama (kudos to my very techy and very bored in Indiana brother) cracked me up.

On another random note, I never thought I'd be called an "anti-American Zoukette". Ok, I admit to the latter noun (although I am just a house-head, and there seems to be one main place for it). But anti-American is a wee bit harsh. As I emailed the author of the website, I'm anti-some-of-America, as much as I am pro-some-of-America, or anti/pro-some-of-insert country/culture. kellykelly always sits on the fence, remember? The double k is starting to take on new meaning as I write.
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Dire Need of Humour?

I received this yahoogroups invite to my kellog email to some 'Humor Club' (spelling means it's from America):
Welcome - your name came to us via a friend of yours who wishes to remain anonymous as a gift or present. He/she felt perhaps that you were in dire need of a bit of weekly humor.
I don't know about you but I find that a tad bit insulting. I know my last two posts were about suicide, and the 3rd one was about a nasty illness. But really, I'm quite the chirpy bird actually.
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Monday, March 07, 2005

Uplifting Quote of the Day II

Obituary from The Economist--Hunter S. Thompson, doctor of gonzo journalism, died on February 20th, aged 67:
He did not give “a flying fuck” what he smoked, or ingested, or did, but there was a thoughtful side. Early in his career, in an obituary of a friend, he wrote of “the dead-end loneliness of a man who makes his own rules.” He was often melancholy, and wild conviviality and celebrity made no difference to that. The epigram to “Fear and Loathing” quoted Dr Johnson: “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” It was not thought surprising that his death was a suicide.

In 1964 he had made a long journey to Ketchum, Idaho, to the grave of Ernest Hemingway, one of his models and heroes. He wanted to understand why Hemingway had killed himself in his cabin in the woods, and concluded that he had lost his sense of control in a changing world:

"It is not just a writer's crisis, but they are the most obvious victims because the function of art is supposedly to bring order out of chaos, a tall order even when the chaos is static, and a superhuman task when chaos is multiplying...So finally, and for what he must have thought the best of reasons, he ended it with a shotgun."
Ok, that was just beautiful. Deeply sad, but beautiful. I've not read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but Patrick was absolutely enthralled and entertained by it. I gotta go read it now. Although I just couldn't finished Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road' (too much pot talk), so I don't know what I'd make of this dope journey...
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Uplifting Quote of the Day

Stressed Out And Traumatised, from The Economist
Some conditions, such as anxiety disorders, appear to be more common in America than in other developed countries. Ronald Kessler, of Harvard Medical School, suggests that some of this may stem from childhood trauma and early involvement in drugs with which young Americans dabble more. But he and others are hesitant to suggest that Americans have more mental-health problems overall than the rest of the world. They may just be more willing to admit them. In China, for instance, “very few people say they are depressed,” notes Dr Kessler. “They just kill themselves.”
I kinda laughed out loud while reading this on the bus. Then felt really bad about it.
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2 Disappointments, A Soulful Treat, A Wedding, and a Nasty Bout of Something

Sandwiching the beautiful wedding was a night out with deep soulful house, a lack-lustre movie and a bout of something nasty.

I headed off to Zouk on Friday night actually for Way Out West. However, their music seemed more suitable as background music while chilling at home than danceable. Luckily, I headed over the Velvet for Jon Cutler early on and he rocked my soul. There's something about great soulful house touches a place in me that progressive house is starting to be less capable of reaching. I think we all have something in our lives that makes us feel ecstatic. For some people, it's singing about God in church. For me, blasphemous as it sounds, the joy I feel when my favorite track comes on, or when the DJ teases me with a build up, is at times awesomely intense, almost part spiritual (the other part is quite sexual, as most deep beats are meant to make you feel).

I could hardly do anything on Sunday, except to head next door to GWC for a movie with Ken and Karen. Just call us the KKK. I do not agree with these reviews of Lemony Snicket. It was boring, and Jim Carrey at his OTT, cringeable worst. The sad thing was that it coulda been so good. It needed a healthy dose of Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp in replacement of the entirely annoying Jim Carrey.

I had a horrid migraine all of Sunday (which may contribute to my distaste of the movie althought Ken and Karen had the same opinion) leading to me trying to fall asleep with the migraine at 11pm, waking up at 3am in shivers and a nasty bout of nausea and diarrhoea which ended with me bathed in cold sweat and fainting on bed (well, maybe not faint, but all I could remember was groaning something about "my body's fighting something, my body's fighting something" and blacking out till my alarm woke me up in the morn). The slight nausea continued all of Monday, but thankfully not bad enough to keep me away from work (had another big presentation today, cannot miss). Sigh. Must 'ave been something I ate.
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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Old Times

Speaking of old friendships, Frances seen on far left here too, was one of the bridesmaids for Noeline. The story behind us was that we were Best Friends (you always had that One Exclusive Best Friend in primary school) from Primary 1 to 3 (Ai Tong). For some odd reason (I think dead goldfish had something to do with it...don't ask.;p), we drifted apart even though we were in the same class till Pri 6. We went to the same secondary school (Cedar) though in different classes. With some odd shift of fate, Noeline, who was my Sec1-2 classmate became her classmate in Sec3-4, and they became close buddies.

Here we are reunited in friendship.

...And here are pictures of us in primary school that she found!!! =)

Oh boy! This makes my heart melt! *giggle*

I feel All Grown Up.
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Wedding Bells!!

Noeline got married yesterday. It was one of the best days of my life, tiring, but just so happy happy happy. It's the most amazing thing in the world partaking in a significant event of a friend you love deeply. I have rather harsh/liberal opinions about the institution of marriage. I don't quite dream of that whole white veil thing, neither do I believe very much that it means as much as it's hyped to be. Not that I'm against it. I just think that many people put too much importance of "getting married" without thinking enough about what occurs thereafter, what a true relationship requires, as if the marriage is the be-all and end-all. If one is in a loving relationship, it should a celebration as such every single day, whether there is a legal certificate or not, which marriage is to me, as I'm not religious (not in the institutionalized religion sense anyway. I like to think of myself as spiritual though). Of course, if one is religious, marriage is a whole different story.

But to attend and be involved in a wedding of someone you grew up with and love dearly with makes me realize the importance of sharing a union with your loved ones. It truly is a celebration and your loved ones deserve to share that moment with you as a couple. There's so much to say, but I can't put much words to it. Just to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Here's to a decade of friendship...and more!

Noeline and Ernest's 7 year relationship, leading to this day and beyond.

Much love to you two, Ernest and Noeline.

Here's to my friend, who is one of the purest souls I know and am proud to love.
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