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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fabulously Pink

(1) Caltex House basement food place, bumping into KrazyKaren.

KK: Hey!
Me: Hey!
KK: Are you ok? You look kinda bad*.
Me**: Why thanks! You look fabulous*** too!

* I think she used a variant of that noun, bad, off, terrible, etc. But you get the gist.
** In glasses, no makeup and bad-hair-day mangled into 2 random buns in my head, recovering from a flu that appears to be a chronic sinus/cough. sigh. I don't blame her.
*** She really did look lovely in that green skirt, top and denim (?) jacket.

(2) UOB Plaza, bumping into Chronos, my rather flaming childhood friend.

Chronos: Hey you!
Patrick: Hey! Long time no see!
C: Are you coming out*?
P: What? You think only you gay boys can wear pink**?
C: What's this***? And this****?
P: For my hair.
C: Oh my, Patty. You sure you aren't coming out*****?
Me: I assure you, he's straight******.

* Pat was wearing his pretty pink Mellow Mushroom t-shirt.
** Chronos was wearing a lovely pink shirt too.
*** Pat's pink rubber-band he stole from me to tie his hair up.
**** Pat's hairband he uses to push the crazy hair back.
***** Chronos leans seductively closer to Patrick.
****** Me leaning protectively closer to Patrick. That's my man, bitch.

Loads to write about the weekend, just hafta get down to writing about it and uploading pix.
kellykelly, 4/12/2005 03:04:00 pm


I always make it a point to compliment a guy in pink! And it's usually no empty praise because more often than not, they really do look great in it.
Anonymous Michelle, at 4/12/2005 06:04:00 pm  
thank u M
i looked fantastic!
Blogger pmckcon, at 4/14/2005 11:36:00 am  

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