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Friday, April 15, 2005

Fine Signs, Monkeys, Trees, Crabs & Pigs

How is it Friday already? Did I procrastinate that long? Anyway, here's a post about last weekend, before this weekend passes me by...

On Saturday, we go on a hike at MacRitchie Reservoir. 2 min before this picture, that car pulls up and parks right in front of that sign. Driver leaves. It was too tempting to do this:

Pat loves monkeys.So he spent half the time taking photos of monkeys and talking to them in his special monkeyspeak, and trying to get them to come to him, until one old big one actually lunged at him...not this one though...

So we had aimed to go for the tree-top walk (is it just me or does that page have really BIG FONTS?). *sigh* I know it's lame to blame it on the poor maps. But Singapore truly has the worst maps in the world. Have you looked at the Sentosa maps? Or our MRT maps where everything is pointed upside down from where you are standing? To cut a long story, and our excuses for being losers, short, we took the wrong starting point and ended up walking the wrong way. We walked and we walked, expecting to see tree tops 1km away...after an hour of walking, we got the hint that we missed the turn. In any case, it was a lovely (albeit too effortless cos it was flat) walk.

I got to see lotsa trees. I love trees, and the parasitical organisms growing around them and magnificent equilibrium and harmony. This sign is very primary school excursion worksheet, but it's a nice li'll write-up about something I like to read more about:

I took a bunch of pictures of trees, foliage, and the weird stuff growing around 'em...another thing about kellykelly is that I love trees very very much. It's a recent obsession, something that I realized on my post-graduation trip around the National Parks.

Love their crazy shapes. If I were artistic, I'd be inspired to create something based on these. Unfortunately I have no talent.

This one's just fat, phat and bad-ass, almost meaty.

This one's just pretty.

On the way to meet my parents for dim sum at Thomson Plaza, Patrick muses, "honey, why does the chicken rice store have a big crab on its sign?"

After never-fail-to-be-yummy Da Pai Dang dim sum, Patrick wonders, "honey, why is there a half skinned pig with metal spikes through it hanging in that storeroom behind us?".
kellykelly, 4/15/2005 11:50:00 pm


it's probably good if u photoshop out the license plate of ur car... :)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/31/2005 06:09:00 pm  
Hi....thanks for sharing part of your life...it was like I took a quick tour of Singapore. Don't see vegetation like that much in Southern California cuz it "never rains" here.
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