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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

kellykelly's Birthday!

Oh! Happy Day! My parents took me and Pat out to Raffles Hotel's billard room for a yummilicious buffet dinner. Although the great sashimi, raw oysters mixed with cheese, crackers, rich desserts and numerous espresso shots did not do our tummies to good. But it was yummilicious anyway.

We went home for a ceremonious birthday song and cutting of cake, since we were too stuffed to eat any more. My yummy mango birthday cake and the huge present sent to me from Pat's mom in Florida (not the cake, just the huge present)!

This is the card my mummy bought for me. My mom has a knack for picking the best birthday cards. She was wondering why the card said "dance around your handbag". My guess is that girls who carry around their handbags at clubs (god knows why, I refused to bring anything out while dancing) have to dance around it to look out for it.

A very apt card, in fact. Indeedy, I got a fabulous handbag from my collegues at work that morning!! I've never been a handbag person, the last one I had was a 20 buck one from the streets of New York that I've been using since my first day of work. I guess they took pity on my lack of variety. But that bag suited the dress I wore to work that day! I hardly love handbags, but I fell in love with this one. It's got a compartment for my cell and my ipod, and, and, get this...it fits my Economist perfectly! Whoohoo!!

And the next day, my cute Mummy promptly took any picture of handbags from the newspapers. hahaha!

She's a riot.

Unseen here is the lovely necklace she got me and the Raffles card my papa bought. My parents were never the spoil-your-kids sort, as in buy this buy that buy everything do anything we want kinda parents. In fact, we were brought up reeeaal traditionally asian-strict. But they certainly are making up for lost spoiling time! =D
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