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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Killer Litter

About 9pm:
Pat: So the craziest thing happened. We lost one of our bamboo sticks.
Me: Har? Cos of the painters*?
Pat: I dunno. It just snapped. I found the stub hanging outside. Oh and our mop is gone too.
Me: That can't be safe. *shrug* oh well. We'll get another one. The auntie store downstairs sells it for 4 bucks.

* they are painting our block right now. So we get workers hanging precariously outside yelling at us to pull in our clothes/mops/bamboo sticks which they take the liberty of yanking out and throwing them through your window at times.

About 11pm:
Me: Honey, where is our duvet cover*?
Pat: -pause- um. I dunno. Where did you put it?
Me: I dunno. You did the laundry two days ago. Where did you put it?
Pat: -pause-
Me: -pause-
Pat: -pause-
Me: -pause- (thought bubble: recalling story of Pat telling me when it rained 2 afternoons ago, "shit, I left the sheets out")
Pat: -pause- (thought bubble: unknown)
Me: -pause-
Pat: FUCK!**

* We have 2 bedsheets but only one duvet cover, so while waiting for it to dry, we occasionally have a night of duvet coverlessness.
** Unlike the 4 dollar mop, our duvet cover is an awesome one that bloody cost us a bomb. Either the painters must have tried to remove it but dropped/snapped it instead, or the bamboo must have snapped after the heavy sheet got heavier when it got rained upon yesterday. My bet is on the latter.
kellykelly, 4/20/2005 04:39:00 am



In other news, you were featured on mr. miyagi! :)
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