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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Scratched by Perverts

After the birthday celebrations, I refused to fall asleep on my birthday night, so we trotted down to Zouk to catch Scratch Perverts and Phil Asher. Now, I thought I'd spend far more time at Velvet for Jazz in the House with Phil Asher, but lo-and-behold, it was the bad-ass Hip Hop/Jungle/Drum-n-Bass from Scratch Perverts that held me to the dancefloor, the best dancing night I've had at Zouk for some time. I don't think I have ever jumped around so hard to hip hop/jungle/D&B ever. It helped that Michelle was, for the first time I've gone out with her (since we are supposed to have different music tastes, but not as different as we think, I think), wildly shakin' dat ass, and repeatedly going up to also groovin' Alec and Russ yelling "I AM SO HAPPY!!!", and Jacob was trashing wildly about to the beat. I love being infected by other people's joy to the groove,a nd those folks were the best infectious dancers to bounce around with. Scratch Perverts was undoubtedly awesome. Once again, I've hardly liked hip-hop/jungle (D&B I've liked), but they changed my mind. I popped by to Velvet for a couple of minutes, just to check it out, but got real bored in 2 minutes and jumped right back to the Perverts, lest I missed any minute of it. Gasp! Would you believe the night that kellykelly gives up House for HipHop?!?! Miracles do happen.

They ended rather early though, slightly before 4am I think. I still refused to go to bed yet, so I rounded up the group for some post-party birthday cake (that was left untouched since we were too stuffed then). So Mich and I, the true SPGs we are (Asian Pussy! Asian Pussy! *pumps fist in air*), ushered the American, and the 4 Brits up to my pad for an after-party.

No lah! No wild orgys with 2 petite Asians and 5 ang mohs to blog about (you wish!;p... i wish! >;p ...i kid, i kid). What churned out was 2 fab hours with great folks and absolutely great-in-da-tummy birthday cake. Wild trashing on the dancefloor does wonders for the appetite. There were some Back to Mine chilling grooves, and Ya gotta be there! moments like when Ian awoke from his stupor to show us his Turtle and Shit In My Pants dance moves that cannot be described. It's the kind of party and after-party that just happens with the random right combination of folks whose company you are thankful for. That perfectly rounded up a perfectly joyful birthday, albeit at 6am on the 23rd of April (but it was still my birthday in US time!).

Positive thought of the day: I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

kellykelly, 4/27/2005 08:14:00 am


Welcome to how I spent many happy Friday nights in England. Glad you had a blast. :)
Anonymous Michelle, at 4/28/2005 11:58:00 am  
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