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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sunday @ KM8

On Sunday, day after our hike and raving till 5am the night before, we got up and decided to head down to KM8 @ Sentosa.

KM8 review in short: I hated the crowd, I loved the place. It's got what I loved, good music, sun, sand, sea (despite the fact you look out and there are beautiful...tankers out there). Again, good music. The crowd was just unfortunate. Sad, because in SF, we would party outdoors all the time with cool-ass people. Here, the only place I like with chill music outdoors on a Sunday afternoon is filled with dorks.

Dominique, Pat and I headed down right after a chicken rice lunch at the Haborfront hawker center. Better $2 chicken rice than overpriced $12 burgers. The only shot I got of all 3 of us that day has Dom's face half covered...boo...

But here's a lovely full face shot of her...before drinking....

...a couple of hours later, here's us in the same position, with a little more alcohol, turning asian red...kellykelly's not too happy because kellykelly doesn't drink, and when she does, it gets to her too easily.

So why did kellykelly drink then? I blame well-made drinks...the definition of which, to me, means that there is alcohol, but so well made (usually these drinks have fruits in them) that you cannot taste the alcohol, and hence, that's why they are dangerous. I started off only with water, and took some of Dominique's watermelon freeze thing that was yummy, which she thought she got ripped off with cos she couldn't taste the alcohol. I couldn't either, but my body buzz later told me it did.

Pat holds up a 330ml Corona bottle in disbelief, thinking that he got really got ripped off because he has never held such a small Corona bottle...

...we ordered a "Sarong Fly", a really nice lime drink so well made that I couldn't taste the alcohol, therefore having a little too much off. It wasn't too bad, I was just giggly and talkative, which is fine on a balmy Sunday afternoon. I just didn't like the sleepiness that beset upon me, interrupted by too frequent visits to the loo. I told ya, I'm very lightweight.

And that's Sarong, of Sarong Fly, and from Wicked Aura, who I think is a manager there too, who Patrick met the night before at Zouk, and who hooked us up with a great spot right next to the pool (great view of dorks), in the shade (very important). We were denied those seats initially before Sarong showed up because they were marked Reserved...typical dork place scams. Oh well.

Story about this guy is that he spent a good 15mins standing at this spot by the pool literally posing, like he was doing a modeling shoot. Sure he's cute and all, but it was kinda weird after a while, as he would deliberately shift, put his hands on his hips, look off to the side, etc. I just had to take a picture, not to waste the poses.

Oh, another pose by the Ken doll, I couldn't resist.

Cute li'll gayboyz with their speedos and tight li'll bodies had their own corner out there though. I love 'em! Missed shot was cute greased up boy in luminous lime green speedos clearly with something stuff down the front. I rushed to get my camera but the sashayed away too quick.

While the dorks were there all day, it was nice and quiet in the early afternoon, as they kept to themselves. After 5pm however, it got annoying and annoying crowded after a while, where people drinking for the past 5 hours start to get annoying drunk, loud, ghetto skanky freaking by the pool, pouring drinks down a girls throat, groping, and just childish childish jerk MTV Spring Break! and Girls-Gone-Wild! behavior all around. Definitely a 'beautiful' people crowd...I just never could think people dancing in a row by the pool so self-consciously, because it's basically a stage for all to see, is not funny. Oh, and li'll white bikinis are very very popular on little brown girls here.

Despite the annoying crowd, the good music (yes it was good), the beach, the sun, the sky, it was all just too lovely.

I didn't get a good shot of the DJ somehow, but this drummer had a grrreat fro.

The sky was beautiful...

I thought, the next time I go to KM8, I'd love to go with a big group of friends to make the most of the great location and lovely music, while buffering myself from the surrounding dorks. So I thought, hey! I have a birthday next week! (22nd, 22nd, 22nd...) Why not throw a casual get-together with my birthday as an excuse?

So yes, next Sunday 24th April (2 days belated)...joint birthday celebration with KrazyKaren, who's birthday is this weekend...nothing big, just hang out, good times, have a drink with me or two, get some Vitamin D...1pm-ish to sunset, we'll pop a champagne and do a birthday cake at sunset...it'll be fun, will send out an email invite soon...but all are welcomed! *sings* it's my birthday, its my birthday! it's my first birthday in Singapore for 4 years! We'll be there...=)

kellykelly, 4/16/2005 12:22:00 am


i love the shot you took the one of your thighs against the background of the beach.lovely - think the thighs enhanced the pic - heh.
Blogger auralkisses, at 5/08/2005 11:41:00 am  
Well maybe you should not judge people as dorks and childish. Because that in itself i pretty dumb. But otherwise it looks like a great place. Ty
Anonymous Pistol Pete, at 7/29/2006 02:08:00 am  
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